Ritesh Batra: I work without effort

An Interview with Ritesh Batra a jury member of Odesa International Film Festival

Ritesh Batra is an Indian filmmaker widely known for his debut feature film The Lunchbox – Movie. He has directed the English-language film The Sense of an Ending – Movie, starring Jim Broadbent. The film is an adaptation of Julian Barnes Booker Prize-winning novel The Sense of an Ending. Ritesh has also directed Our Souls at Night starring Jane Fonda and Robert Redford and Photograph.

Which art you feel is closer to you? Cinema, literature, painting, music?

A film Character of whom you would like to resemble to?
When I was younger? Humphrey Bogart from Casablanca.

If you were born again? Who would you like to be?
Robert Redford

Some thing you did that you are very proud of?
I work without effort

One experience of your life that you would not like to repeat?
I let this girl that loved go once. And of course when they go they never come back. The one that got away.

“I would like to go from China to Mongolia, then have a transit in Mongolia and go to Russia by train”

Ritesh Batra

Say something that you that you never had the time to say
I love you.

What would you appreciate people to say about you?
I love you.

Is that a song that you never get bored of listening?
I love you

In care there is a new cataclysm, what book or movie you would save?
Savage detectives?

Ritesh Batra

A journey or experience that you always wanted to do but never had the time to do?
I would like to go from China to Mongolia, then have a transit in Mongolia and go to Russia by train

If they published a book about your life, what the title would’ve been?
I don’t know, I think they should come up with it themselves. The person that writes the book, I think that the honor should be given to him. To offer the title. It’s unfair for me to decide.

The dream of your that has not yet come true?
I don’t really know, I think all of dreams have come true.

Photo credit: Oksana Kanivets

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