Maksym Stepanov is the new appointed Minister of Health

The new Minister of Health of Ukraine Maxym Stepanov announced his priorities during his acquaintance with his Ministry’s staff, on March 31:

“There is a lot of work ahead. The first priority is the fight against coronavirus. I do not want to blame anyone, but there is a certain delay in terms of preparation for the pandemic. We can no longer afford to waste time. Therefore, it is crucial now to communicate with local healthcare providers. The second priority is medical reform. I believe that it is quite possible to make changes so that both patients and doctors of all levels are satisfied with the reform,” Maxym Stepanov emphasized.

Maksym Stepanov is the former Governor of the Odessa Region, who was dismissed by the previous President Poroschenko for political quarrel, during the electoral campaign for Ukrainian Presidency in 2019.  

A surgeon by education, in 1998 Stepanov graduated at Donetsk National Medical University and in 2004 in international economics at Kyiv National Economic University.

He substitutes the previous Minister Ilia Yemets, dismissed by the Verkhovna Rada after one month of her appointment.

Investing in Ukraine: Where brains meet grains CH 4/5

Central to Ukraine’s potential is the infrastructure around its ports and logistics facilities, such as the facilities overseen by Andrey Stavnitser, Partner of SD Capital, co-partner Philipp Grushko and Jesper Pedersen, General Manager of the Neptune Grain Terminal near Odessa.

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Investing in Ukraine: Where brains meet grains CH 4/5

Deep Dive into Odessa Catacombs

Tudoy-Sudoy Tour Agency

This excursion can be justly called immersion into mystery. You may wonder what is there so special that you have not seen yet? There’s only one reply! Everything!

  • The underground bunker of the Cold War era with a 4th degree of protection and 1200 person capacity.
  • The cemetery of petrified animals with the average age of 3.5 million years.
  • The underground lakes with new species of small creatures unknown to modern biology.
  • The chance to try on working in quarries with the 19th century tools.
  • The real secret hideouts of Moldavanka’s raiders.
  • The permanent dislocation post of the most secret partisan detachment of Odessa, which perished exactly in this area of the catacombs

Believe it or not, but we didn’t list everything.

WARNING! The air temperature in the Odessa catacombs is + 13C at any time of the year, so please get dressed accordingly. Comfortable sport shoes and clothes are strongly advised.

Possible languages of city tour: English, German, Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian

From Duke to Manhole

Tudoy-Sudoy Tour Agency

Take a chance to discover and explore the unique Odessa. You can rest assured it is not just an exciting city, but an entire planet full of incredible surprises! Our guides are keen on history of Odessa and shifting in time and space. They always provide an adventurous journey through centuries in the Time Machine.

You will walk the streets stepping after A.Pushkin, I.Babel, F.Castro, S.Eisenstein, V. Kandinskiy, Mark Twain and looking at Odessa exactly as they used to. Enjoy every route as much as every tourist attraction you’re heading for. Columbus and Magellan once took the longest routs so as get pleasure on the way to destinations. You can act their way. Experience the Planet Odessa in detail!

During a 2,5-3 hour tour you will see French, Italian and Primorskiy Boulvards, Pushkinskaya Street,  Shah`s and Vorontsov’s palaces, the Potemkin Steps and Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Possible languages of city tour: English, German, Polish, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, Greek, Italian, Hebrew, Turkish, Russian, Ukrainian

Duration: 2,5 hours

Type: bus/walking


Address: Ekaterinenskaya square, 5

Dizyngoff, located in the very center of Odessa, is an Israeli mixed-cuisine restaurant dominated by Peruvian, French and Japanese dishes. The interior does not have the expected flavor of the Middle East, but the atmosphere is quite cozy.

Interesting that it got its name in honor of the first mayor of Tel Aviv, who lived for a while in Odessa. The logo of the restaurant is the image of a dove with a human face, symbolizing a socially active citizen.

On weekends, traditionally hold parties with guest DJs


Ministerium Club located in the city center is the most expensive and pretentious in Odessa. Ministerium is a very beautiful mansion with a restaurant, karaoke bar, lounge area and several concert halls, where very special and bright parties take place every evening. In the summer, Ministerium offers cozy summer terrace with a superb view of the center of Odessa and pleasant live music.

Address: Gogolya str., 12

Oceanman – 2020

3-4 September

In Odessa, the international open water swimming competition Oceanman Odessa-2020 opened registration.

This championship is being held in our city for the third time. Massive swims of professionals and amateurs take place on Langeron beach.

Participants in the competition are the swimmers aged 7 to almost 70 years.

Rotary Club International Odessa

A Rotary Club English speaking is active in Odessa for expatriates, travelling Rotarians and English speaking Ukrainians.

The 2nd of November 2019, at 7 pm, at the Londonskaya Hotel (Primorskiy Boulevard 11, Odessa ) took place the ceremony of foundation of Rotary Club International Odessa. The President of the new Club, the Norwegian entrepreneur Even Jahr, received from the Governor of Rotary Ukraine District, Nikolay Stebljanko, the Charter Certificate.

The new Rotary Club meets every Tuesday at 6.30 pm in the restaurant of the Bristol Hotel, to discuss its projects and other activities. The members contribute to the development of the club with ideas and their monthly fee. Rotary Club International Odessa supports these projects:

  • 1000 Doors of Odessa. Project of restoration of the art doors of the City, to preserve the historical heritage of Odessa. Project leader Konstantin Emelyanov,
  • Way Home Foundation. Auction for the children hosted by the Charity foundation “Way home” dedicated to assistance to children of families of refugees.

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