Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre – December playbill

The December playbill of the Odessa Opera is full of premieres! In the first month of winter, theatergoers will meet the performances they have already fallen in love with and bright premieres. And most of the attention during the winter holidays is paid, of course, to children!

Tickets for the December performances can be purchased at the box office and online. To find out the details please click on each event.

The Wizard of Oz

04 December

Cinderella (Svetlana Antipova ballet studio)

05 December

Don Quixote

05 December

Il barbiere di Siviglia

07 December

The Firebird

10 December


10 December

The Wizard of Oz

11 December


11 December

Little Red Riding Hood (Svetlana Antipova ballet studio)

12 December


12 December

The Firebird

12 December

Swan Lake

16 December


17 December

The Wizard of Oz

18 December

The Nutcracker

24 December

The Nutcracker (S. Antipova Ballet Studio)

26 December

Il barbiere di Siviglia

26 December

New Year’s Odyssey

27 December

The Wizard of Oz

28 December

New Year’s Odyssey

29 December

The Nutcracker

29 December

The Nutcracker (S. Antipova Ballet Studio)

30 December

The Nutcracker

30 December

The Nutcracker

31 December

Ukrzaliznytsia has opened ticket sales for all trains of the new schedule

Ukrzaliznytsia has opened ticket sales for all trains of the new schedule, which will take effect on December 12, 2021. The new schedule will launch 19 pairs of new trains; another 49 trains will be accelerated. Thanks to the new schedule, 29 new connections of regional and regional centers will be created, particularly in popular tourist destinations.

Among the most accelerated trains are the following: №13 / 14 Kyiv – Solotvino – will get from Kyiv faster by 3:16 hours and 2:20 hours back; №77 / 78 Kharkiv – Mariupol – will get from Kharkiv 2:05 hours faster and 3:29 hours back; №84 / 83 Kyiv – Mariupol – will get from Kyiv 2:13 hours faster and 1:24 hours faster back; №108 / 107 Odessa – Uzhhorod – will get from Odessa 1:15 faster and 1:29 back; №145 / 146 Kyiv – Izmail – will get from Kyiv faster by 0:49 and back by 1:02.

There were also 7 flights to the ski resort of Bukovel: №5 / 6 Mariupol – Rakhiv; №15 / 16 Kharkiv – Rakhiv; №55 / 56 Kyiv – Rakhiv; №95 / 96 Kyiv – Rakhiv; №25 / 26 Odessa – Rakhiv; №125 / 126 Mykolaiv – Rakhiv; 30130/129 Kremenchuk – Vorokhta.

Among the new flights, the №5 / 6 train Mariupol-Rakhiv should be mentioned, which became the longest in the country and will cover 1806 kilometers on its way, allowing Mariupol residents to reach Lviv in 21 hours instead of 29, as was the case on the alternative route.

Tickets for these and other trains can already be purchased at the box office, on booking.uz.gov.ua and in the chatbot of Ukrzaliznytsia in Viber and Telegram.

Ukraine expects warmer support from Germany after the launch of the new federal government

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky expects that the new government of the Federal Republic of Germany will not only keep its support for Ukraine, but also strengthen it. The Head of State said this during a press marathon “30 questions to the President of Ukraine”.

He said that during yesterday’s phone conversation with the current Chancellor Angela Merkel, among other things, he discussed the coalition agreement of the new German government, which contains many positive signals for our country.

Angela Merkel believes that Germany’s policy towards Ukraine will remain unchanged. And I think it should be even better than it was. But these will depend on my talks with the new chancellor.

Volodymyr Zelensky
Volodymyr Zelensky

I, like any progressive person, expect concrete things and results that would help us economically, in energy independence, and in the issue of silence in the Ukrainian Donbas. Powerful sanctions policy until our territories are returned to us. Guarantees on gas and other energy resources from Germany. The maximum pressure on Russia to end the military conflict in Donbas. The war, which has been going on for eight years.

President of Ukraine

The President also noted that he would like to see practical steps to ensure the energy security of Ukraine and Europe. In particular, according to Volodymyr Zelenskyy, European leaders should consider the implementation of Nord Stream 2 not only from the point of view of business – this gas pipeline should not become another resource for Russia, which it will use in negotiations.

With the support of Germany, the continuation of multilateral negotiations on the continuation of gas transit can be initiated. Ukraine also intends to develop its renewable energy in cooperation with Germany and other European countries.

In addition, as the President noted, Germany and France are key partners in the issue of Ukraine’s future membership in the European Union, as many countries listen to their views.

I would very much like the new German chancellor to be clearer about Ukraine’s membership in the European Union and not be afraid of a backlash from the states that oppose it.

Volodymyr Zelensky

Source: President of Ukraine website

Ukraine to become a major tourist and aviation hub

The geographical location of Ukraine allows us to become a major tourist and aviation hub. The forum “Large Construction: Aviation and Tourism” has triggered with the participation of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal.

Source: Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU

The Head of State announced the beginning of the establishment of the national airline, the working title of which is the Ukrainian National Airlines (UNA, “Ukrainian National Airlines”).

In addition to the promises, we are moving to practical implementation – this is our national air carrier, its establishment will be officially launched today. We are ready to invest in the air fleet, load Ukrainian manufacturers and involve world leaders in joint projects in aircraft construction.

Volodymyr Zelensky

In his address, Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal emphasized that the President’s programme “Large Construction” is not only about investing in infrastructure, it is also about people’s well-being, economic development, job creation and industry development. And the Government, for its part, puts its efforts and invests into this development.

At the forum “Large Construction: Aviation and Tourism”
Photo: Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU

Ukraine has a unique geographical location at the crossroads between the continents. Today, it helps us become a major regional aviation and tourism hub. Experts, leaders of the world’s largest tourism and airline companies are convinced that Ukraine’s potential in these industries is a 10-fold increase in the near future,

Denys Shmyhal

According to the Prime Minister, the Government also sees the resumption and growth of industries in connection with the signing of the aviation visa-free regime and stimulating the development of national domestic airlines.

The new view on Bulgakov’s “Heart of a Dog” will be shown to the whole world by the Odessa Ukrainian Theatre

On December 1, at 20:00, the broadcast of the play “Heart of a Dog” by the Odessa Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre named after V. Vasylko will start worldwide. The broadcast takes place within the framework of the final of the all-Ukrainian festival-award GRA.

This year, due to quarantine restrictions, it is being held online. The well-known work in world society touches on the most critical topics that are relevant at all times for different peoples and carries a philosophy of life.

You can watch this and other 11 competitive performances online on the Facebook page of the award itself and the partner Ukraine in Deutschland. Each performance is broadcast only once, in Ukrainian with English subtitles. The first screening took place on November 20th.

The performance from Odessa will be shown on December 1st. In the nomination “For the best dramatic performance”. The director of “Heart of a Dog” is the main director of the theater Maxim Golenko, the text of the novel was adapted to the stage by the playwright Lena Lyagushonkova.

According to the authors, the works of Mikhail Bulgakov are now extremely relevant. More than nine decades have passed since he wrote the text of the story, which formed the basis of the dramatization, but society, not having learned the lessons of history, is again on the same rake.

At the performance, in addition to the well-known metaphors and allegories, there are reminiscences to other works of Mikhail Bulgakov (“Fatal Eggs” and “Morphine”), and transparent allusions to our present. Quotes that have long since become aphorisms are given a new meaning. Indeed, the well-known correspondence between Engels and Kautsky in the 1920s, which Shvonder advised Sharikov to read in his story, was not mastered by many of his contemporaries, so the director and author of the stage play appeal to recognizable modern realities – the correspondence of today’s politicians.

“Dog’s Heart” was read a lot, and the movies were watched even more. According to the director Maxim Golenko, it is all the more responsible for creating a play:

There is a double difficulty because there must be a complete and non-contradictory solution to each episode, because the viewer will come to the theater, already knowing for himself what the play should look like.

Maxim Golenko

Undoubtedly, the spectator will understand and appreciate the director’s techniques of open and noticeable political satire in the play, which is skillfully veiled in Bulgakov’s multifaceted texts. Evil and sometimes ruthlessly the director talks about the relationship between society and government, including appealing to the present. He ridicules and exposes the “new” traditions, habits, principles and manners of Schwonder and the members of the Budkom, who turn from modern bureaucrats into NKVD members. And their attempts to “create” a proletarian from a Dog/subhuman will turn against Schwonder himself. And Sharikov, having superficially studied the “mat part”, will learn only the lessons of violence, and, having gained power, he will become a murderer.

An old synagogue of Savran Hasidim is being restored in the Odessa region

The synagogue, built over a hundred years ago, is being restored by the Jewish community of the city of Balta in the north of the Odessa region.

Photo: Dumskaya

As one of the restoration enthusiasts, director of the Odessa Holocaust Museum, Pavel Kozlenko, said, the building was laid in the middle of the 19th century by Savran Hasidim – supporters of one of the directions of Judaism. Finally, it was completed at the expense of the “box collection” – the community’s funds for their own needs.

A hundred years ago, Balta was a large industrial and cultural center – suffice it to recall that the second railway of the Russian Empire connected Odessa with this city. Balta was also an important spiritual center of Jewish communities living on a vast territory from Rybnitsa to Krivoe Lake.

The Hasidim, supporters of the Savran rebbe Moshe Zvi Giterman, who in 1863 built a prayer school in Balta, and in 1903 rebuilt it into a synagogue, had a significant influence on the Jewish life in the region.

The further fate of the building, unfortunately, is typical of many religious buildings. During the Second World War, the Jewish community in the north of the Odessa region was practically destroyed, and the building was no longer used as a cult building. Over the years, a military warehouse, a sewing shop, a communications center, and a telephone exchange were located here, for which another floor was completed.

Balta Synagogue

After the restoration of independence, the building belonged to Ukrtelecom and fell into complete decay. In 2015, after a long legal battle, the Jewish community of Balta bought the former synagogue. Since then, renovations have been going on here. The Jewish community is going to implement this project in memory of the Holocaust victims and for the sake of preservation of the national heritage.

According to the idea of ​​the head of the Jewish community of Balta Vadim Vinyarsky, a prayer room will be restored on the first floor of the old building, and a museum will be located on the second.

Pavel Kozlenko is convinced that the museum will become an essential scientific and historical center and landmark of Balta. There will be sections on the Jewish history of the region, on the Baltic ghetto, where the earthly journey of tens of thousands of Jews from Podillia and Bessarabia ended, on the Righteous, who, risking their lives, saved people from inevitable murder.

Vadim Vinyarsky hopes the museum will open in October 2022, and prayers in the restored synagogue will resume in 2023.

Ukraine plans to join the Transit Convention in 2022

The Joint Transit Convention should simplify customs clearance of goods. And Ukraine is on the way to signing it, thanks to the active implementation of the necessary legislative and organizational requirements. It is worth mentioning the joint IT product (NCTS), which was a big step on which this international agreement is based.

In total, it already unites 27 countries: the EU, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Great Britain, Turkey, North Macedonia and Serbia.

Michael Ratier, Head of the Preliminary Assessment Mission of the signatory countries, Director of the Transit Unit of the Directorate General for Taxation and the Customs Union of the European Commission, said:

Ukraine is already using a New Computerized Transit System (NCTS) at the national level. It has made significant progress in preparing and is likely to accede to the Convention on a Common Transit Procedure and thus begin the international application of the NCTS in 2022, said Michael Rathje, Head of the Preliminary Evaluation Mission of the Signatories to the Convention on a Common Transit Procedure, of the Transit Division of the Directorate-General for Taxation and Customs Union of the European Commission (DG TAXUD). This will have a positive impact on the trade and movement of goods for Ukraine, the EU, and other countries of the Convention. Traders should already be joining the NCTS and familiarising themselves with its functions, as this will make their job easier when the system is used for international trade.”

He also encouraged all trades to join NCTS, because upon signing it will facilitate the work of the companies.

In particular, after Ukraine’s accession to the Convention, Ukrainian business will be able to enjoy the benefits and simplifications of joint transit, which has business in 35 countries of the Convention, as well as when moving goods in joint transit 35+ to work on the principle “one vehicle – one declaration – one financial guarantee”. After accession, businesses should have simpler and more transparent customs procedures, better opportunities for international trade, including customs simplifications – opportunities that are already used by businesses in the EU – members of the common transit regime.

The evaluation mission of the Directorate-General for Taxation and Customs Union of the European Commission (DG TAXUD) is tentatively scheduled for February 2022.

Ukraine reaches the highest GDP ever

In 2021, Ukraine achieved the highest GDP in its entire 30-year history. The Minister of Economy Yulia Sviridenko announced this.

At the moment, it is estimated that it reaches $195 billion. Next year, the government plans to achieve high growth rates of the gross domestic product thanks to the launch of a number of programmes. Note that growth rates slowed down in 2021.

Programmes for GDP growth are:

  • thermal modernization of residential buildings,
  • comprehensive rehabilitation of irrigation systems in the South,
  • massive cheap mortgage lending,
  • active financing of exporters.
Yulia Sviridenko

Yulia Sviridenko, together with Defense Minister Aleksey Reznikov and Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba held an online meeting with representatives of the largest international investment companies and funds investing in Ukraine. The topic of the conversation was devoted to the stability of the economy and the resilience of Ukraine to external threats.

Our goal is to ensure the constancy of the main indicators: GDP growth, increase in gold and foreign exchange reserves, and containment of inflation within acceptable limits. We strive to bring the business climate in Ukraine to the best world standards.

The maximum value of Ukraine’s GDP was in 2013 – $ 183 billion.

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