A used Christmas tree can be exchanged for a sweet gift

In Odessa, from January 1, special sites for collecting New Year trees will start working. Used Christmas trees will be exchanged for sweets.

There will be more than 40 such sites in total.

On January 1, Christmas tree collection points will be open from 14:00 to 15:00, from January 2 – from 09:00 to 16:00 on weekdays, on weekends – from 09:00 to 15:00.

Traditionally, everyone who brings a Christmas tree to a specially equipped area will receive a sweet gift. As the experience of past years has shown, such an initiative works great and many Odessans are happy to carry Christmas trees to specially equipped places and not just throw them in the yard near the garbage container.

Odessa City Council

All the trees will be sent for processing and used as fertilizer by the gardeners of the KP “Gorzelentrest”.

Addresses of sites for collecting Christmas trees:

  • st. M. Arnautskaya, 7;
  • st. B. Arnautskaya, 83;
  • st. Transportnaya, 8a;
  • st. Pirogovskaya, 3;
  • st. Tiraspolskaya, 13;
  • st. Pedagogical, 46a.
  • Aleksandrovsky lane, 4;
  • st. Kanatnaya, 19/21;
  • st. B. Arnautskaya, 18;
  • Aleksandrovsky lane, 27;
  • st. Kutuzakia, 28;
  • st. April 10th, 2;
  • st. Nizhinskaya, 28;
  • st. Knyazheskaya 4;
  • st. Shishkina, 52 / 2A;
  • Ave Heavenly Hundreds, 4;
  • st. Heroes Krut, 3;
  • st. Varnenskaya, 5/2;
  • Admiralsky Lane, 9
  • st. Academician Glushko, 22a;
  • st. Academician Korolev, 63a;
  • Ave Heavenly Hundreds, 83;
  • st. Academician Glushko, 1v;
  • st. Ilf and Petrova, 27;
  • st. Architectural, 24
  • st. Balkovskaya, 199;
  • st. Average, 47;
  • st. Bulgarian, 16;
  • st. B. Khmelnitsky, 64.
  • st. Cosmonauts, 68;
  • st. Academician Filatov, 29b;
  • st. General Petrov, 76;
  • Gagarina avenue, 23/5
  • st. Dalnevostochnaya 6;
  • st. Ataman Chepigi, 9
  • st. Vysotsky, 23;
  • st. Academician Zabolotny, 12;
  • st. Marseilskaya, 5;
  • st. Luzanovskaya, 67;
  • st. Black Sea Cossacks, 167.

The Vertex United has become the new owner of the F.C. Chernomorets Odesa

Football Club “Chernomorets” announced an agreement with a new general partner: the Vertex United group of companies. The Club also announces the long-awaited news: Roman Hryhorchuk returns to the team’s head coach, who is associated with the most high-profile achievements of Chernomorets team in modern history.

I am very happy to return to my dear Chernomorets, to beautiful Odessa and to my beloved, incredible fans. We have a lot of work ahead at the training camp, but I am already looking forward to the resumption of the season and the first match at the home stadium.

Roman Hryhorchuk
Roman Hryhorchuk

Vertex United is a diversified group that included banking (Finbank) and media (Focus magazine) businesses. Today its most notable assets are the Odessa hotels, Bristol Hotel 5* Odesa and Londonskaya Hotel, as well as the Kyiv President Hotel. The holding is also engaged in investment and development activities.

In his coaching career, he was a successful manager in Latvia, with FK Ventspils winning the Latvian championship three times from 2006 to 2008 as well as the Latvian Cup in 2005 and 2007. During the 2009–10 Ukrainian Premier League season, Hryhorchuk was hired by Metalurh Zaporizhzhia. He stayed in that position only until the end of the season, though.

Recall that the specialist has already coached the Odessa club in the period from 2010 to 2014. Under his leadership, the team reached the final of the Ukrainian Cup and made it to the 1/16 finals of the Europa League.

The last place of work of the Ukrainian was the Salihorsk Shakhtar, from which he left last summer.

At the moment, Chernomorets occupies 13th place in the Premier League standings, gaining 14 points in 18 rounds.

The contract with Roman Hryhorchuk was signed for three years.

Roman Hryhorchuk

New air taxi in Odessa for flights around Ukraine

This week in Odessa took place a presentation of the new service of the company Softex Invest, based in the Odessa Aviation Plant. A new air taxi, a four-seater light aircraft V-24-I, which will be used for private passenger transportation between major cities of Ukraine.

The representative of the Odessa Regional State Administration Boris Voloshenkov noted that this presentation was one of the stages to promote a competitive high-tech service both in the domestic and foreign market, as well as to create a national infrastructure in the market segment of transportation and maintenance services for business aviation.

We are glad that it was Odessa that was chosen for the presentation, for the first flights, in order to start as usual, starting from the spring of next year, flights on such planes and helicopters. According to the organizers, several cities will be included in this project: from Kyiv, the direction will be to Kharkov, Lvov, Dnipro and Odessa. But the first flight demonstration and aircraft presentation takes place in Odessa. This is very good news, because investors believed in Ukraine and raised funds for production, an airplane was produced, which we will see in the sky today.

Boris Voloshenkov, First Deputy Chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration

The V-24-I was a little over 7 meters long. Designed for one pilot and three passengers. Equipped with two 100 hp ROTAX 912 S2 petrol engines. each. The maximum flight speed is 352 km / h. Cruising speed is 250 km / h. The maximum flight range is 1500 km.

Plan for a new ice palace near Odessa

The European Solidarity (EU) party in the Council of Tairovo village, in the southern suburbs of Odessa, issued a proposal for the construction of a universal ice arena for 1,500 seats.

The proposal is to build a sports complex with an area of ​​1800 sq.m, which will include a skating rink, a sports ice arena and a platform for holding public events – concerts, competitions.

The corresponding appeal to the head of the village council Timur Khasaev was sent by the head of the EU faction Danil Topolnitsky.

The MP proposes to include in the 2022 budget two million hryvnia for the design of the ice arena. He notes that such an object can become the center of cultural and sports life not only in Tairovo, but also in neighbouring villages, and hopes for support from the regional administration and people’s deputies.

Ukrainian cadets of the Naval Institute in Odessa solemnly received officer ranks

On December 24, cadets of the Naval Institute of the Odessa Maritime Academy graduated from the Odessa Naval Station. The event was led by Rear Admiral Oleksiy Neizhpapa, Commander of the Ukrainian Navy, with the participation of Assistant Defense Attaché at the Italian Embassy in Ukraine Massimo Proietti, representatives of the Ukrainian Navy Command and other officials.

More than fifty cadets received the first officer’s shoulder straps, daggers and diplomas at the educational and qualification levels of “master” and “bachelor”. Among the graduates of 2021, three lieutenants who during their years of service, before entering the military institute, participated in the protection of the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine from the Russian occupier in the east of the country.

Two servicemen received diplomas with honors from the leadership of the Ukrainian Navy, and the best graduate of the Institute was awarded a card of the Italian Navy by Assistant Defense Attaché at the Italian Embassy in Ukraine Massimo Proietti. Also, three lieutenants were awarded medals by the Commander of the Navy and the Head of the Institute of the Navy of NU “OMA”.

On the way to the lieutenant’s shoulder straps, a lot of work was done to train professionals in their field. During the training, our young officers underwent internships and internships on ships of the fleets of Poland, France, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine, some of them studied abroad in military schools in Italy and Great Britain. Many of them have many thousands of miles behind them, many training times.

Rear Admiral Oleksiy Neizhpapa, Commander of the Ukrainian Navy

It should be noted that this year’s graduate studied under the new education system and in accordance with the training course, servicemen received bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Another feature of the 2021 issue was the beginning of a new tradition, during which young lieutenants took turns introducing themselves and beating the ship’s bell, after which they were greeted by fellow cadets of the naval school.

It was a pleasant surprise that the two officers-graduates, after the celebrations proposed to their loved ones with a bunch of flowers.

The Supernova Airlines will be ready for flights in April 2022

Supernova Airlines, owned by Nova Poshta expects to receive an operator certificate in April 2022 reported by Avianews.

The presence of this document will allow the new air carrier to start flying.

At the start, the Supernova Airlines fleet will have two aircraft, and this is the minimum required for certification by Ukrainian rules. A preliminary agreement for the first aircraft delivery has already been reached, and the company is continuing negotiations for a second airliner.

The postal operator does not name the type of aircraft that Supernova Airlines will use. However, the Swiss edition for aviation specialists ch-aviation.com, citing its sources, indicates that this is a cargo version of a narrow-body Boeing 757-200 aircraft. This airliner can fly long distances without stopovers for refueling.

The initial route network will include destinations in the Middle East, including cities in Europe.

Nova Poshta registered a subsidiary airline on October 1, 2021, and contributed UAH 70 million to the authorized capital. It will report to Nova Poshta Global, responsible for international shipping.

Yaroslav Krasnozhon became the CEO of Supernova Airlines. Prior to that, he headed the airline with Turkish investments Atlasjet Ukraine.

The new air carrier will serve only international flights and will not operate flights in Ukraine

Boryspil and Lviv will become the base airports of Supernova Airlines. They were chosen because the central marshaling yards of the Nova Poshta Global division are located there.

With the help of its airline, the postal operator wants to maintain the speed of delivery while the number of parcels grows. Now the postal operator uses the services of third-party airlines.

On December 21, Novaya Pochta Global chartered an An-124 Ruslan plane from Antonov Airlines to deliver 135,000 parcels from Chinese stores to Kyiv, which was delayed in December for various reasons.

KRAЇNA is a new electric luxury shooting break coupe

Kraїna 225 inspired by AN-225 aka MRIYA, that means “DREAM” in Ukrainian, Kyiv architecture, Ukrainian space industry. The concept model created by Max Shkinder, Senior Designer at McLaren Automotive.

Max Shkinder is a Ukrainian artist who in 15 years has travelled from his native Energodar to London. Shkinder is a graduate of the Kyiv Boychuk Academy of Decorative and Applied Arts and Design, and graduated in industrial design. After studying, he went to Italy, where he received a grant to study at the IED Institute of Design in Turin and became a master in automotive design.

Max the designer has a successful career under his belt: he spent several years in automotive design at Volkswagen AG in the Czech Republic before moving to London in 2014, where he became a senior car exterior designer at McLaren.

The artist within me is a consequence of my work as an automotive designer, as confusing as that sounds. I paint cars during the day and paint in oils at night. The car design profession requires discipline; I have to consider the opinions of dozens of other people. To balance and balance it all, I have a natural need to create – without being bound by deadlines, budgets, or the opinions of marketers. Art gives me the opportunity to be alone with my ideas.

Max Shkinder
Kraїna 225 inspired by AN-225
Photo: KRAINA-225 Website

The ideology behind KRAINA 225 was to get together as a group of like-minded people in attempt of creating Ukrainian EV vehicle with a competitive design seeking inspiration from local industrial legacies such as Antonov aircrafts and State Space Agency of Ukraine in Dnipro.

It’s a non-commercial, purely conceptual project aiming to explore and experiment.

Just like the source of our inspiration the mighty AN-225 aka Mriya that means “Dream” an object of admiration over last few decades for aspiring kids and adults around the World we were aiming to create something close to its significance and uniqueness firstly in its visual impact.

Kraїna 225
Officially out: KRAINA-225
Photo: KRAINA-225 Instagram
Wheel design of KRAINA-225
Photo: KRAINA-225 Instagram
Head lamp detail KRAINA-225
Photo: KRAINA-225 Instagram


Max Shkinder – Author, project and exterior design
Anton Nikolaev – Exterior design
Vladimir Panchenko – Modelling, Visualisation
Vitaliy Enes – Visualisation
Sergiy Voronov – Web-development

“House. Memories” to appear at Antarctica

Art installation “House. Memories” will appear at the Vernadsky Reserch Base in 2022. It is designed by the architects of the Balbek Bureau, and executed by the research and design bureau “Workshop of Miracles” and “Silpo”.

An old decommissioned fuel tank is located on the territory of the station, and it is almost the first thing that visitors see and falls on most tourist photos. For several years now, the National Antarctic Research Center (NACC) has wanted to rethink the aesthetics of this industrial building: to make the harsh landscape more pleasant for polar explorers and present Ukraine to the international community.

The Silpo chain has offered the scientists joy to the guests when they miss their home the most. The balbek bureau and the Workshop of Miracles were involved in the project.

“House. Memories” is a sketch made of metal, which seems to draw the outlines of a Ukrainian house around a fuel tank. For our researchers, it is a living memory of home. For tourists – an opportunity to get acquainted with Ukraine through our native, but not banal, visual image. You can walk around the house and see exciting things about Ukraine – because most Antarctic tourists will learn about our country during a visit to the Vernadksy Research Base. Therefore, boards with facts about Ukraine and the station, as well as symbolic objects such as a lump of black soil or a fragment of an embroidered shirt will be placed on the walls of the tank.

“We proposed to create an installation inspired by a typical Ukrainian house – one that is associated with warmth, comfort, and vacation in my grandmother. We analysed buildings in different areas and compiled a composite image of a Ukrainian house – with a slate roof, chimney, and distinctive windows. It was decided to recreate this image with the help of a thin, detailed frame around the tank. According to our plan, the installation should resemble a pencil sketch: someone remembers his house and sketches from memory.” – Slava Balbek

“When we first saw the idea, we were thrilled. This is the augmented reality of the house they long for so much, and at the same time rejoice in the memories of it, – shares Eugene Dyky, director of the National Academy of Sciences. – We are grateful to the team for taking into account all our wishes. After all, the art installation should be beautiful in the most unfavorable conditions: frosts down to -30 C, strong winds, meters of snowdrifts, and thousands of highly inquisitive representatives of the Antarctic fauna. In addition, it should be pretty easy to install with minimal equipment and personnel and be easy to maintain.

Architects and engineers are designing the installation “House. Memories” given the harsh weather, limited resources at the station, and the long icebreaker road to Antarctica.

“We are working to make the construction easy to transport and install,” said Mitya Zinoviev, head of the Miracle Workshop. – Details will be marked and arranged in sections, so the house will be easy to reproduce according to instructions. Metal pipes made of stainless steel will be folded into a light but strong frame. We will provide additional resistance to bad weather by cables with which we will strengthen a design. To make sure that the art is stable, we are protesting it in Ukraine together with the polar explorers.”

To date, design work has been completed, and assembly has begun. After a test installation with the participation of polar explorers in Ukraine, the installation will be dismantled again. All materials will be uploaded to the Noosphere icebreaker to Antarctica in January 2022. Participants of the 27th Ukrainian Antarctic Expedition at the station will build it independently.

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