A Ukrainian startup has developed an unmanned complex for demining fields

Ukrainian startup Efarm Pro has produced an unmanned complex for demining fields. The complex includes a drone, a demining robot, an autopilot, and a towed tractor system capable of withstanding an explosion. The system works autonomously, if necessary it allows you to control the vehicle from a safe distance without a risk, so human involvement and, accordingly, the risks to the lives of farmers are minimized as much as possible.

Previously, the startup developed agro-navigators and controllers for the agricultural sector – they became the basis for creating a new complex for demining fields.

Photo: Ukrainian Future

How it works

First, the field is scanned by a drone equipped with appropriate sensors and the function of transmitting the coordinates of explosive devices with georeference. The drone detects explosives at a depth of up to a meter.

Then, the explosive object is defused by a demining robot and certified sappers. After that, a remote-controlled tractor with a trailed protection system, which works on the principle of a mine trawl, goes to the field.

This process guarantees that nothing dangerous will remain in the ground.


The tractor works in autonomous mode without an operator in the cab. This excludes the possibility of his death or injury. In addition, the technic is covered by protective equipment that works according to the principle of a mine trawl. The system provides for automatic work on large areas with an accuracy of 2 cm along a given route. The tractor traverses the field at a speed of 5 km/h, i.e., in a 10-hour working day, it is capable to scan 20 hectares of land

The work of the complex from efarm.pro will take place in the fields of the de-occupied territories. So far, it is about demining the fields before sowing. However, in the future, it is possible to improve the complex so that it also allows safe harvesting in fields where there is a danger of mine contamination.

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