Borny Fest

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After a long queue at the opening of the Bored & Horny project, good reviews and lively interest, Odessa Museum of Modern Art decided to continue and the format of a one-day festival Borny Fest.

The name was born from the formula:

Bored + Horny = Borny. BORNY FEST!

In the context of the approaching permanent quarantine, this word can have many interpretations. Borny is to do nothing and be in a good mood. It feel lethargic and at the same time agitated.

A long queue at the opening of the Bored & Horny project

You already know that Bored & Horny is an interdisciplinary project with a visual part from Dima Erlich, a sound design from USU • Ukrainian Sound University, floristic compositions from Roman Medny, a series of live performances by Odessa musicians curated by Dimitry Melekhov.


15.00 – Lecture by Andrei Siguntsov and Andrei Savinykh “Sound Art: World Practice and the Ukrainian Context”

Andrew Siguntsov – The Odessa Modern Art Museum curator. He worked with the Mystetsky Arsenal, Bereznitsky Aesthetics, Brave! Factory Festival, Kyiv Art Week.
Andrei Savinykh (Andrei Savinykh) – electronic musician, media and sound artist, promoter, artist, sound engineer.

Andrew Siguntsov, the curator of the Odessa Modern Art Museum

14:00 – 21.00 “T-Shirt happening”. Dima Erlikh will paint T-shirts for everyone. Bring a white T-shirt with you and be prepared that the main character of the “Bored & Horny” exhibition, the mask, will settle on it. Also, a ready-made painted T-shirt from the collaboration of the new Malmo and Dima Erlich brand will be available on site. And you can paint your favorite T-shirt or buy a new one.

Dima Erlikh

17:00 Chillera – female-trio with an original sound, gravitating to the dub, progressive rock and sometimes even free jazz. Anya, Polina and Nastya gradually introducing the listener into a meditative trance

Chillera Performance

18:00 Gael – musician and DJ Galya Abakarova, an ardent admirer of the Bristol sound, which elements can be traced in her music. Regularly performs in Odessa.

Gael Performance

19:00 Olympic snow – sophisticatedly organized musical fabric. The non-linear structures of this music reflect the complex nature of human memory. Olympic snow uses digital media as a tool and as an artistic language.

Olympic Snow Performance

20:00 Andrei Savinykh – electronic musician, media and sound artist, promoter, artist, sound engineer. Andrey has extensive experience in musical life in Kiev. Curator of Ambience music events and the Fantazers festival.

21:00 Native Outsider is an electronic project of the young sound producer Arkady Lenov, born under the influence of heavy instrumental music and British electronics of the 90s.

This Festival is an non-profit event. In order to provide high-quality technical support and a high level of organization an entrance fee – 100 UAH.

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