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OIFF and Takflix show festival movie hits

The selection of OIFF Flashback includes festival movies from Colombia, Afghanistan, Georgia, Great Britain, Norway, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Belarus and .....

Borny Fest

Art, Music & Urban Culture After a long queue at the opening of the Bored & Horny project, good reviews .....

Odessa’s yard communities, a movement for a more livable City

Nowadays in Odessa, a unique grassroots movement of citizens in yard communities (YC) is emerging. It is supported by YC .....

Gesheft Garage Sale

4 July – Gesheft Summer Together For a few years, the popular Gesheft Garage Sale festival grew from a small .....

Swiss Film Week

The Embassy of Switzerland to Ukraine organizes the fourth Swiss Film Week 2020 From June 19 to 28, the festival .....

Sensual & Salsa on the Beach

Odessa Summer Festival 24-26 July 2020 14th Anniversary Odessa Summer Fest http://www.salsa.ua/ 3 days on the Black Sea coast – .....

Ukraine Kizomba Festival

KizNextGen 9-13 July 2020 UKRAINE KIZOMBA FESTIVAL 2020 What to expect from Kizomba Festival: 5 days of parties & dancing .....

French Shorts Film Festival

Review and discuss the new generation of innovative stories that are shaping the world From May 21 to May 31 .....

Odessa is an ideal location for big events on culture and business topics. The main ones:

  • Odessa International Film Festival: the most important cinema festival of Ukraine and Black Sea countries.
  • Odessa Classics: a prestigious festival of classic music with international orchestras.
  • Grain & Maritime Days: the most important event of shipping sector of the Black Sea.
  • Odessa Shipowners Dinner: the most glamorous social event for logistic industry.
  • Odessa Literature Festival: Odessa is the literature capital of Ukraine, with its local writers Babel, Il’f and Petrov, Jabotinsky, Zvanevsky and famous Russian authors (Pushkin, Kupryn).
  • Green Wave Literature Festival:
  • Ideas Festival: open debate with international speakers of new trends, organised by Aspen Institute.
  • Jazz Festival.

Festivals, together with social happenings and expats meetings, show Odessa’s pleasant lifestyle.