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Manhattan Short Film Festival 2020

There are no virtual screenings. Support your local participating venue as circumstances allow so they can keep their doors open.  .....

Ethnographic and Anthropological Cinema Festival

OKO – festival of Ethnographic and Anthropological Cinema OKO – is a festival that unites filmmakers with people. It is .....

Harley-Davidson motorcycles rally in the center of Odessa

Today, a gathering of owners of Harley-Davidson, the mythical American motorcycle brand, is taking place in the center of Odessa, .....

“Golem” early German Expressionism

“The Golem: how he came into the world” is a prequel to “The Golem” of 1915 and as the only one of .....

Howard Shore is the head of 11th OIFF jury

International Competition Jury at 11th Odesa International Film Festival Announced! The International competition jury at the 11th OIFF will be .....

Medieval battles in the city center of Odessa

With swords and armor: the festival of medieval culture “Powder Tower”, with duels of knights in armor, took place in .....

“Visions” at OIFF

Odessa International Film Festival presents a new programme called “Visions”. It will be screened for the first at the 11th .....

Green Theatre will turn into open-air museum

Save the Date: 19-20 September the Green Theatre will offer an entertainment, lovely workshops and events, and something you, regardless .....

Odessa is an ideal location for big events on culture and business topics. The main ones:

  • Odessa International Film Festival: the most important cinema festival of Ukraine and Black Sea countries.
  • Odessa Classics: a prestigious festival of classic music with international orchestras.
  • Grain & Maritime Days: the most important event of shipping sector of the Black Sea.
  • Odessa Shipowners Dinner: the most glamorous social event for logistic industry.
  • Odessa Literature Festival: Odessa is the literature capital of Ukraine, with its local writers Babel, Il’f and Petrov, Jabotinsky, Zvanevsky and famous Russian authors (Pushkin, Kupryn).
  • Green Wave Literature Festival:
  • Ideas Festival: open debate with international speakers of new trends, organised by Aspen Institute.
  • Jazz Festival.

Festivals, together with social happenings and expats meetings, show Odessa’s pleasant lifestyle.