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“Terrestrial Symphony” by Adeline Keil

The opening of the photo exhibition “Terrestrial Symphony” by the French artist Adeline Keil took place in the Muzeon Experimental .....

Exhibition of the Orthodox Church of the “Old Believers” of Ukraine

Old Believers (or Old Ritualists) are Eastern Orthodox Christians who kept the liturgical practices of the Eastern Orthodox Church before the reforms .....

The return of the Caravaggio’s masterpiece to Odessa

During last visit to Odessa, President Zelensky offered to ask Oleksandr Tkachenko, Ukrainian Minister of Culture, to speed up the .....

Grekov Odessa Art school, Ukraine’s oldest art college, celebrates 155 years’ birthday.

This year, Odessa Art School had its 155th birthday. For the celebration of the anniversary, the courtyard of the school .....

“Thought in the image”: photo exhibition in Odessa Literature Museum.

The Odessa Literary Museum (Lanzheronovskaya, 2) opened the second solo exhibition of the famous Odessa photographer Igor Lander “Thought in .....

Rare antique missal books with old engravings at the Odessa Literature Museum.

Masterpieces of travelling printers. Odessa Museum has shown are missal books from the Lavra, “Lexicon of Slavonic” and “Evangelin uchitelne” .....

“Verum in Grano”. The truth is in the grain.

The Odessa Fine Art Museum will show a grain photo project On September the 4th, at 17:30, there is a .....

Green Theatre will turn into open-air museum

Save the Date: 19-20 September the Green Theatre will offer an entertainment, lovely workshops and events, and something you, regardless .....

The many museums and art galleries of Odessa contribute to the cultural life of the city. These are the richest museums of the city:

  • Odessa Fine Art Museum: the most important art gallery of the city. It is also a pivot of Odessa’s cultural life, due to many social events organised by the Museum.
  • Odessa Western and Eastern Art: the second art gallery of Odessa.
  • Odessa Modern Art Museum: the main modern art museum of the City.
  • Tolstoy house museum of Odessa: the best mansion of a noble family of Odessa complete of all furniture and interior design of XIX’s century.
  • Pushkin Museum: documents and objects showing the main Russian poet’s life in Odessa.
  • The Museum of History of Odessa Jews “Migdal Shorashim”: life and culture of the biggest portion of the city’s population up to WWII.
  • Literature Museum: full of historical books and documents of Russian literature.
  • Museum of Philiki Etairia: the museum of the Hellenic Foundation.
  • Shustov Cognac Museum: history of a famous and prestigious cognac producer of Odessa.
  • Odessa Film Studios: the Hollywood of Soviet Union.

These cultural institutions contribute to show a city, resulting from the fusion of different European influences.