In the Russian Federation, dozens of Gazprom employees were mobilized by fraud, calling them “volunteers”

Employees of the Russian monopolist Gazprom were forcibly mobilized. More than 80 people were taken to the draft board and signed up as “volunteers”.

This was reported by the Russian TV channel “Dozhd (Rain)”.

It is noted that employees of several Gazprom enterprises in the Nadymsky district of the Tyumen region were asked to bring a military ID to work to verify the data. People were taken to the military registration and enlistment office, sent for a medical examination, where they increased the fitness category for everyone and enrolled them as volunteers, without handing over subpoenas. The next day they were taken away for training.

According to the wife of one of the employees of Gazprom, on September 26, the man was told to go home for documents – Individual insurance account number, individual tax number and a military ID, allegedly for data verification.

“Andrey returned with documents, he was taken by bus to the military registration and enlistment office with 12 colleagues and told to prepare for a medical examination. – a therapist. After the examination, almost all employees were taken away military tickets, upgraded to “A” (“fit”), and “volunteer” was written on the cards of their personal files. When one of the employees saw this inscription and asked what it means, they answered him: “Well, since you came, it means you are a volunteer,” Natalya said.

At the same time, the woman indicated that her husband managed to avoid such a fate, because he needed a consultation with a surgeon and he promised to return the next day.

The employees were kept in the military registration and enlistment office until 23:00. Andrey left Russia that night with his wife and friend. The search for Andrei began the next day. The man was called first by the management of the enterprise and then by his boss.

Those who were taken to the draft board together are planned to be taken to Tyumen, where they will be distributed to the troops.

It should be noted that the mining and processing enterprises of Gazprom are located in the Tyumen region. Such industries are dangerous, and their lack of personnel can lead to an accident.

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