International Literary Festival Odessa 2021: Participants

This year, the VII International Literary Festival Odesssa 2021 announced meetings with 32 writers from Germany, Switzerland, Belarus, Russia, Kenya, Finland, Brazil, the United States and Ukraine. The festival will take place from 22 to 26 September.

The purpose of the festival is to emphasize the cultural influence of Odessa, the multicultural nature of this city and to strengthen the ties between Odessa and other cultural centres of Europe and the world.

This is reflected in its participants and the programme, which focuses not only on Eastern European themes and the Black Sea region, but as well as the Hans Ruprecht and Ulrich Schreiber festivals in Berlin and Switzerland, will be truly international.

During the festival, in addition to literary readings, there will be discussions on political topics dedicated to Europe and other countries.

The festival will be held in two languages: texts by foreign authors will be read in the original language and in Ukrainian translation. Discussions will be accompanied by simultaneous or consecutive translation.

The international Participants of the VII International Literary Festival Odessa 2021:

Lukas Bärfuss

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