Odessa Grand-Prix bicycle race + XX Utochkin Memorial bicycle race: Odessa, 10-11 July

On July 10 and 11, 2021, two bicycle races will take place in the centre of Odessa at once: the XX Memorial Utochkin bicycle race, dedicated to the memory of the famous Odessa-born bicycle racer Sergey Utochkin, and the traditional Odessa Grand-Prix bicycle race.

The athletes will compete in the historical centre of the city and in the area of ​​Shevchenko Park.

The opening ceremony of the cycling race will take place:

  • July 10 at 08:30 at the address: Odessa, Marazlievskaya street corner per. Sabansky;
  • July 11 at 08:30 at the address: Odessa, Lanzheronovskaya street (Teatralnaya square).

The route of the competition of the XX “Utochkin Memorial” bicycle race (July 10):

  • st. Marazlievskaya corner per. Sabansky – stadium “Chernomorets” (Central Park of Culture and Leisure named after TG Shevchenko) – per. Nakhimov – st. Marazlievskaya – st. Troitskaya – st. Marazlievskaya corner per. Sabansky.

The route of the competition of the International Bicycle Race Odessa Grand-Prix (July 11):

  • st. Lanzheronovskaya (Teatralnaya square) – st. Richelievskaya – st. Jewish – st. Pushkinskaya – st. Lanzheronovskaya (Teatralnaya square).

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