Odessa junior hockey team won silver medals in Poland

Odessa “Sea Wolves”, the champions of Ukraine in hockey season 2019/2020 among athletes born in 2007, won silver medals at the Milan Cup 2020 international tournament, which took place in the Polish city of Sanok.

Oleg Mayuk’s young players confidently beat the “Bears” from Sanok, 9:0. The advantage of the “Sea Wolves” did not cause controversy either in a duel with peers from Lodz, 9:2. Teams from the cities of Nowy Targ and Tychy were beaten 2:0 and 7:1, respectively.

Sanok is a village of 38 thousand people, but it is able to host a tournament with the participation of four Polish and two Ukrainian ice hockey teams.

In the one million inhabitants Odessa, the Sports Palace unfortunately does not host any serious hockey competitions. There were rumours of half a year ago about the creation of an adult men’s team in Odessa, but, this club would probably play in Kherson or somewhere in Kremenchug.

Odessites would be the first, but the young hockey players lost to their compatriots from Kharkov SDYUSSHOR, 1:4. As a result, the prize for the first place went to Kharkov and “Sea Wolves” born in 2007, having shown effective and spectacular hockey, won silver medals.

Source and pictures: Dumskaya.net

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