Odessa Wedding Awards 2020

In the beginning of December the annual award giving ceremony of newlyweds Odessa Wedding Awards, the most extensive professional wedding event in the city, was held in the very new broadcast and online format.

The newlyweds who got married in Odessa and its suburbs in 2020 have become the participants of the event. The event was filmed online in the studio stage and broadcasted on top Odessa tv-channels with the reach of more than 2,5 million viewers (excl. internet).

Mozart Hotel Group took part as a co-planner and a sponsor of the event with giving out fascinating prizes to the winners of the award: several weekend trips to European cities (Prague, Vienna, Baden, Budapest) were presented to happy newlyweds.

Despite the fact that the year 2020 was really hard for the hospitality industry Odessa Wedding Award achieved outstanding results and it’s popularity spread far from the city of Odessa.

The award is held for the third time with the support of the City Council Tourism Department.