OFAM Free Entrance Day

26 of April Odessa Fine Art Museum invite you to a Free Entrance Day to the Odessa Art Museum!

No entrance fee – come to Odessa Fine Art Museum from 10:30 to 17:30 to relax, chat with the museum team, get acquainted with the main exhibit and the current exhibition. Every half an hour you will find excursions to the museum.

The Odessa Fine Arts Museum owns one of the richest and the most interesting collections of artworks in the country. It is located at the very centre of Odessa, in one of the most beautiful buildings of the city — the ancient Naryshkins’ Palace.

Museum’s collection today is considered to be one of the most significant and diverse in Ukraine. It currently numbers more than 10 000 objects of fine arts: painting, drawing, sculpture, icon painting, arts and crafts. The exposition is built in historical and chronological sequence. 

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