Ombudsman: Ukraine knows nothing about ICRC visit to Ukrainian prisoners

150 citizens are kept there, and these are not only military personnel.

In the notorious colony on the territory of the temporarily occupied Yelenovka, 150 Ukrainian prisoners are being held. Among them are both military personnel and civilians.

This information was shared by the Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada for Human Rights, Dmitry Lubinets, in an interview with Radio Liberty. The Ombudsman said: “We are once again not allowed there. Apparently, we will get access to Yelenovka only after our Armed Forces liberate Yelenovka. According to our information, 150 citizens of Ukraine are currently left there. These are not only the military.”

The Ombudsman also believes that Ukrainians in captivity can be put under pressure to force them to refuse to return home. According to Lubinets, rashists often tell how this or that citizen of Ukraine did not want to go home. Possibilities of how to check such information are currently being considered.

“As one of the options, when I am personally present, and the citizens of Ukraine tell me that they refuse to exchange. I consider everything else as possible pressure on our citizens so they do not return. I was personally present during one of the exchanges. Six women in At first, they refused to return to Ukraine. I said that I would believe in it only when they personally told me about it. My communication was immediately organized. Of the six women, four women returned to Ukraine after communicating with me. In fact, there was just psychological pressure and manipulation,” Lubinets said.

The terrorist attack in Yelenovka.

In July, an explosion occurred on the territory of the former penal colony in Yelenovka. The building where the prisoners were taken out from Azovstal were kept was destroyed.

It was reported that 50 Ukrainian fighters died due to the terrorist act. Russia has never provided an official explanation about the explosion in Yelenovka and the lists of the dead.

Investigators from the Prosecutor General’s Office concluded that a thermobaric munition was blown up in the colony – “a capsule with a combustible mixture of a thermobaric explosion of flamethrowers of the SHMEL, SHMEL-M, LYS” types.

According to Lubinets, the bodies of the fighters killed in Yelenovka could have been taken to Mariupol and Donetsk.

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