SSU, together with Spanish law enforcement officers, blocked Russian attempts to seize Ukrainian vessels in the Mediterranean Sea

The Security Service, together with the law enforcement agencies of the Kingdom of Spain, prevented Russia’s attempts to appropriate the property of Ukraine’s state-owned water transport enterprise.

The management of a sanctioned company from the Russian Federation tried to take possession of two Ukrainian industrial vessels in the territory of a Spanish port. The total cost of the ships is more than 10 million dollars.

In order to implement the deal, the representatives of the aggressor country “arranged” with the officials of the Ukrainian state-owned enterprise about the leasing of watercraft by an affiliated business structure, which Russia controls.

Then the participants of the scheme created artificial conditions for transferring vessels to a Russian company, allegedly in return for debt repayment in the form of seized assets in Ukraine.

However, SSU employees, together with Western partners, promptly exposed the criminal mechanism, identified the persons involved in its organization, and blocked the illegal transfer of Ukrainian property.

According to the materials of the Security Service, the court seized the vessels. After conducting urgent investigative and operational actions, they will be returned to the property of Ukraine.

Perpetrators face up to 12 years in prison with confiscation of property. Crime detection measures were carried out by the Main Investigative Department and the Main Department of Counterintelligence Support of Critical Infrastructure Objects and Combating Terrorist Financing of the SSU under the procedural guidance of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

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