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Arestovich hinted that there would be no strike on the Crimean bridge yet and named several reasons

From a technical point of view, destroying the Crimean bridge is very difficult; This is how Aleksey Arestovich, the adviser .....


After the explosions in the Crimea, record traffic was recorded on the Kerch bridge

Almost 38,000 cars have passed through the Kerch Strait on the Crimean Bridge over the past 24 hours. This became .....


Oleg Zhdanov: the easiest way to disable the Crimean bridge

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov is convinced that American ATACMS missiles, which Ukraine should soon receive, can disable the Crimean bridge. .....


“The Crimean bridge will not be one goal”: the general explained the details of the de-occupation of southern Ukraine

According to him, it is essential for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to cut off the ways of transferring the .....


A military expert told how the Kerch bridge could be destroyed

Recently, talks about a possible strike of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Crimean bridge have constantly been circulating .....


Oleg Zhdanov: The Kremlin’s image losses will be huge

If the Ukrainian army hits the Crimean bridge or manages to liberate Kherson from the occupiers, it will have significant .....


General Marchenko: Kerch bridge is the military target number one

The Kerch bridge is the number one target for the Ukrainian military. This was stated in an interview with Radio .....

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