The Economic Security Bureau stopped exporting ferrous metal worth UAH 60 million to Russia

As previously reported, at the initiative of the Bureau of Economic Security of Ukraine, 17,800 cars belonging to Russia and Belarus were seized.

ESB employees installed 31 railway rolling stock on the territory of one of the railway stations of the Zakarpattia region, which is the property of the subject of the Russian Federation. The detected cars were loaded with rolled ferrous metal. According to the documents, the estimated weight is 1,895 tons, the customs value is more than 1,768 thousand euros, which is equivalent to more than UAH 60 million.

According to the results of the ESB measures, the export of rolled ferrous metal to Russia has been stopped.

ESB has already received a court ruling, according to which these cars were seized with a ban on the alienation, disposal and / or use of property.

The Transcarpathian Regional Military-Civil Administration was provided with information on the list of detected wagons and inventory to resolve the issue of seizure of the said property for further use by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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