The International Legion for the Defence of Ukraine honours the memory of our fallen brothers

In the struggle for a free and independent Ukraine, four volunteers who were members of the International Legion of Terror Defense were killed.

According to the legion’s press service, volunteers from the Netherlands, Germany, Australia and France were killed in the war.

“We wish to remember and honour our fallen brothers, who travelled to Ukraine to join the bravest of the brave and fight shoulder to shoulder with the defenders of Ukraine.

They chose to defend Ukraine’s sovereignty. They chose to fight and show the enemy that the values of freedom and democracy that the civilised world now defends together, cannot and will not be erased by missiles or artillery.

We lost our brothers in combat but their bravery, their memory and legacy will forever inspire us.

The Ukrainian people and the Armed Forces of Ukraine pay tribute to the sacrifice of the foreign heroes who have come to protect the Ukrainian people from this barbarous invasion but also to defend freedom and democracy everywhere.

We would like to honour the memory of our brothers in arms: Ronald Vogelaar, Michael O’Neill, Björn Benjamin Clavis and Wilfried Blériot. No words exist to express our gratitude for their service and ultimate sacrifice. These are the unsung heroes who came here to defend the values they believed in and stand up against tyranny.

Their memory will live on in the International Legion, in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and in the hearts of the Ukrainian people who will forever be indebted to the defenders who left their lives behind and chose to fight for light over darkness, for life over death. They will not be forgotten.
Glory to Ukraine! And glory to her heroes!

On behalf of the International Legion for the Defence of Ukraine:
Damien Magrou, Spokesperson”

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