The National Bank of the Czech Republic donated cars for the evacuation of wounded Ukrainian soldiers

The “Gift for Putin” project, founded by Czech businessman Dalibor Dědek, announced the transfer to Ukraine of two armored vehicles that will be used to evacuate Ukrainian soldiers wounded in battles with Russian aggressors. Czech Radio reports.

The Czech National Bank donated specialized vehicles.

It is noted that as a result of the “Gift for Putin” project, almost 383 million crowns (15.8 million euros) have already been collected from the citizens of the Czech Republic via e-shop zbraneproukrajinu.cz and a number of necessary types of weapons have been purchased.

Among the “Gifts for Putin” were, for example, 15 Czech-made Viktor mobile air defense systems, as well as a modernized T-72 tank.

Armored cars that the bank previously owned were still used to transport money.

The charitable organization Team 4 Ukraine converted the equipment into large sanitary vehicles capable of transporting wounded soldiers on the front line.

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