The Oysters of Scythia

First Ukrainian Oysters

Scythian oysters or The Oysters of Scythia are grown in the Black Sea in an ecologically clean place on the border of the Nikolaev and Odessa regions, directly in the national park.

The clean and rich water of the Black Sea directly affects on the oyster’s quality. The Oysters of Scythia have tender meat with a delicate marine aroma and a sweetish nutty taste.

They grow Crassostrea Gigas oyster, also known as Pacific or Japanese oyster, from planting material taken from a well-known oyster nursery in Western France.

The unique system developed by the owners allows to grow an oyster in 16 months. During this time, the oysters undergo natural refining in the slightly salted water of the Black Sea, which gives them a unique taste.

The Oyster of Scythia was founded by a private entrepreneur from Kiev in 2014. The company team now has 20 people. The company’s goal is to revive the culture of oyster consumption in Ukraine and the entire Black Sea area, which was so unfairly forgotten over the past century.

The Oysters of Scythia
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