The Polish-German documentary film about Ukraine “The Hamlet Syndrome” was awarded in Locarno

“The Hamlet Syndrome | Syndrom Hamleta” directed by Elwira Niewiera & Piotr Rosołowski Balapolis /Kundschafter Filmproduktion I documentary I Poland/Germany 2022

The Hamlet Syndrome depicts the young Ukrainian generation scarred by war and political breakthroughs. The film’s starting point is the preparation for a play based on the motifs of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, which, combined with an intense glimpse into the lives of the characters, creates a powerful portrait of a generation having to confront their war trauma and tackle the painful past, which now after the Russia’s invasion of Ukraine becomes their present and future alike.

At the film’s premiere, the film team held an action in support of Ukraine.

Photo by Joshua Sternlicht
Photo by Joshua Sternlicht

The film about Ukraine won two awards at the 75th Locarno International Film Festival: the “Critics’ Week” Grand Prix and the Boccalino d’Oro prize of the independent Swiss critics for the best documentary film of the film festival.

The film’s characters – actress Oksana Cherkashina (“Bad Roads”, “Klondike”) and Yaroslav Havianets, who is currently serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, were present at the premiere screening of the film. On the red carpet during the premiere of the film, the film crew held a support campaign.

Photo by Piotr Rosolowski
Photo by Piotr Rosolowski
Photo by Piotr Rosolowski
Photo by Piotr Rosolowski

Written and directed by Elwira Niewiera & Piotra Rosołowski
Cinematography: Piotr Rosołowski
Editing: Agata Cierniak
Music: John Gürtler & Jan Miserre
Sound: Marcin Lenarczyk, Jarosław Sadowski
Produced by Magdalena Kamińska and Agata Szymańska / Balapolis Andreas Banz, Matthias Miegel, Robert Thalheim / Kundschafter Filmproduktion

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