The State Border Guard Service provides green corridors for fuel trucks

Border guards and customs officers first of all allow fuel trucks to enter Ukraine. It should be noted that  such a process will help solve the problem of fuel shortage in Ukraine faster.

“Green corridors” for trucks transporting fuel have been agreed with neighboring countries. Cars transporting fuel undergo the necessary border and customs control procedures as a matter of priority, both on the part of the neighboring country and in Ukraine.

“In order to fulfill the tasks of the state and government leadership, border guards together with customs representatives ensure uninterrupted and emergency passage of vehicles transporting fuel. In particular, cooperation was carried out with representatives of neighboring countries, who met and also accepted vehicles carrying gasoline and diesel fuel, as well as passing them out. In case of queues at the state border, such vehicles are given priority in crossing the border, including the allocation of additional lanes for traffic, “ noted the head of the press service of the Western Regional Department of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine Roman Pavlenko.

Tanker trucks heading to the EU for fuel are also granted green corridors.

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