Tourist police in Odessa

In Odessa there are four tourist police stations (Zolotoy Bereg, Luzanovka, Arcadia, Lanzheron). In June it is planned to open five more such offices in the Belgorod-Dnestrovsky region, four in the Odessa region and one in Izmail district of the region.

In Odessa, law enforcement officers switched to increased patrolling with the onset of the holiday season

On May 28, Ukrainian Police and National Guard (GUNP) servicemen of Odessa gathered at Kulikovo Field to conduct a review before going out on intensive patrolling of the city.

According to the GUNP, increased security measures in the city are being introduced in connection with the onset of the holiday season and the expected influx of tourists. The readiness of law enforcement officers was checked by Sergey Makhotin, Deputy Head of the Main Directorate of National Police in Odessa Region.

We must provide comfortable conditions for the rest of the citizens of our city and tourists. All of you are the face of the law and everyone in his place must fulfill his task efficiently. We do not make any indulgences for anyone. We carry out our powers within the framework of the current legislation.

Sergey Makhotin, Deputy Head of the GUNP Odessa Region

Law enforcement officers will pay special attention to patrolling the coastal zones in the area of ​​the beaches of Lanzheron, Arcadia, Gold Coast and Luzanovka. Also, reinforced patrols will run around the city center.

Law and order will be monitored by patrol officers, bicycle patrols, special police units and national guardsmen.