Ukraine and Poland plan high-speed trains between their capital cities

Ukraine and Poland are planning to launch high-speed trains between Kyiv and Warsaw.

Recently I’ve been to Poland, talked with my counterpart in the Polish government. They support our idea, they are interested in it. They have also figured out that high-speed trains of 300 km+ are super-expensive and definitely not about economy. But as for 250 km+, we completely coincide with them in technical requirements, and now our teams are already starting to work. That is, we have agreements that our Italian company, which is developing a feasibility study, will work with the two railways.

Oleksandr Kubrakov, Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine

The Minister said this during the “Big Construction: New Railway” forum in Kyiv. He also stressed that a preliminary understanding of the cost of the project and its roadmap is expected by the end of the year or in January 2022.

For this project, according to Kubrakov, a preliminary feasibility study is already being developed.