US announces new $3 billion military aid package for Ukraine

The administration of US President Joe Biden has officially announced a new package of military assistance to Ukraine immediately for $3 billion.

According to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, the package will include Bradley fighting vehicles, self-propelled howitzers, armored vehicles, surface-to-air missiles, anti-vehicle mines, ammunition, and other weapons from the Pentagon’s stockpiles, Voice of America reports.

Note that the Pentagon will soon publish a detailed list of weapons.

$225 million from this package is intended for the modernization of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the development of military capabilities for the long term.

As Andriy Yermak, head of the presidential office, commented, the United States, as part of the next aid package, will also transfer HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems, MRAP armored vehicles, and Sea Sparrow anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine.

“Such a Christmas. $3 billion in military aid for Ukraine. The package included goodies HIMARS; MRAP; RIM-7 Sea Sparrow anti-aircraft missiles; also M2 Bradley,” he said.

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