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A tree that can change the climate

09 Jun, 2020
A tree that can change the climate

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In the heart of Odessa region in Lyubashivka village a unique tree that can change the climate and improve the environment was planted

This is a Paulownia or Adam's tree, which is also called a "phoenix" tree, because it is reborn 5-6 times at the cut. Paulownia is a genus of angiosperm trees, and one of the fastest growing trees in the world, can grow over 30 meters tall and has large heart shaped leaves . The residents of Lubashivka have already planted about 40 hectares and plan to create a wood processing plant, creating additional jobs for local residents.

The deputy of the Odessa regional council Anatoly Artemenko told about it. Last year, he and the head of the Lyubashivka district, Serhiy Parovyk, managed to "drag" businessman Aleksandr Hontsov to the fertile lands of the Lyubashivka district. In the village of Archepytivka, Aleksandr Hontsov first set up a snail farm on the banks of the Kodyma River, and later began to implement a unique ecological project.

Paulownia is an ecological tree and a prospect for the future of our state. One tree grows for about 5-6 years, it gives a very big profit, because it grows 15-20 meters in 6 years. The company planted 10 hectares last year, and this year about 30 hectares, you can imagine which this forest will be in the nearest time.

Anatoliy Artemenko

Alexander Hontsov is an agronomist by his profession. He can talk for hours about Paulownia! He says that this tree is a great find for our region: bees love it for its large fragrant flowers, and up to 700 kg of honey can be harvested from 1 hectare.

Paulownia forest belts are able to protect fields from wind and soil from erosion. Wood is used as a material for making surfboards, skis, snowboards, parquet, blinds, ceilings, musical instruments, furniture, shipbuilding and aircraft. Large leaves are fed to cattle. The branches can be used for biofuel production.

Our goal is to grow it as commercial timber to prevent another forest from being cut down.

Alexander Hontsov

But the greatest value of Paulownia is in its ability to create ecological strips that can become a reliable protection against wind and dusty dry winds that destroy the fertile fields of Odessa region. The initiators of the project are sure that in 5 years a real forest will appear in the village of Archepytivka, which will change the climate and help restore the entire ecological system.

The Odessa Journal

The Odessa Journal

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