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Main Business — BetterMe app have developed a training programme for veterans with amputations


BetterMe app have developed a training programme for veterans with amputations

13 Sep, 2023
BetterMe app have developed a training programme for veterans with amputations

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Certified physiotherapists have developed training programs. The Ukrainian company BetterMe, in collaboration with the manufacturer of bionic prosthetics Esper Bionics and the charity foundation Future For Ukraine, has created a training program for people with amputations within the BetterMe: Health Coaching app.

BetterMe's training for individuals with amputations is a digital tool created by certified physiotherapists.

The programьу includes training sessions of varying intensity and duration designed for individuals with upper and lower limb amputations. The programme consists of video exercises performed by five individuals with different types of prosthetics. This allows for a detailed demonstration of the characteristics of each exercise group.

The training programme focuses on four important aspects:

  1. Strengthening the hip and core muscles to normalize walking.
  2. Maintaining joint mobility and preventing muscle stiffness through flexibility exercises.
  3. Increasing endurance through cardiovascular training.
  4. Promoting stability development with balance exercises.

The programбу includes exercises both before and after the installation of a prosthetic limb.

The average duration of each training session for individuals with lower limb amputations is 25 minutes, and the program includes various types of planks, exercises lying on the back, twists, and stretching with the prosthetic limb.

The programme was developed by Dr. Farhad Ostovari, who serves as the Director of Treatment and Prosthetics for patients who have undergone amputation at the MCOP Orthopedic and Prosthetic Center, an official partner of the U.S. Department of Defense in military prosthetics.

"Regular workouts overall improve the quality of life for people who have undergone amputation. My training program for individuals with amputated limbs helps maintain flexibility and prevent stiffness during walking; stretching elements reduce muscle tension and support joint mobility. Additionally, regular physical exercises reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, which often occur in people with amputations," he noted.

The average duration of training for individuals with upper limb amputations is up to 10 minutes, and the programme includes exercises for flexing and extending the arms, straightening the elbow joints, and more.

"Effective physical exercises are extremely important for the rehabilitation of individuals with amputated limbs, for maintaining overall health, and for developing mobility. These exercises are designed to prepare people with amputated limbs for the prosthetic fitting process and help them regain muscle sensitivity, coordination, and more. Additionally, individuals who already use prosthetics can perform these exercises to support muscle activity," stated the programme's author, Dr. Danilo Inteliheator, a rehabilitation physician.

Furthermore, specific exercises can be performed using additional equipment such as dumbbells or weight plates.

It is worth noting that since February 2022, the BetterMe: Health Coaching app, which is available for download on iOS and Android, has been free for Ukrainians. Globally, over 150 million people use BetterMe mobile applications.

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The Odessa Journal

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