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Main Diplomacy — "DobroButik"- a charity clothing and footwear store.


"DobroButik"- a charity clothing and footwear store.

15 Nov, 2020
"DobroButik"- a charity clothing and footwear store.

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Free your wardrobe and help the children. Charity-shop "DobroButik" has been operating in Odessa for 7 years. Here, the citizens bring their clothes in good condition to raise money for medicines and equipment for hospitals.

Whether you follow trends or not it doesn't matter. Sooner or later, a problem still arises: old clothes. Someone has an overflowing wardrobe, where not a single new sweater can fit anymore, and someone just has clothes that lie idle and no longer want to be worn.

But there is one simple life hack that will help you free up your wardrobe for a new collection and at the same time put a piece of good into the world - donate your clothes for charity.

"DobroButik" is a charitable clothing and footwear store. Here you can hand over things in good condition, other people will buy them, and 100% of the funds will go to help children.

The project was founded in 2013 and is funded by sponsorship, which allows 100% of the store's profits to be donated for charity. This money is used to purchase medical equipment and medicines. From the foundation, the store has already collected more than 1,5 million uah.

Items can be dropped into one of the many Green Bins. By the way, you can bring not only clothes, but also shoes, bed linen and other fabric and wool products. All the clothing from containers is divided into three categories:

odessajournal 0
Green Bin for your clothes

Maternity hospital No. 4 has received and is already using an intensive care table for newborns. 160 thousand uah for this device was collected from the sale of clothing.

Anna Podoprigora
odessajournal 1
Photo by Followers.com.ua

Everything here is like in a regular store - racks with clothes, shoes and accessories, divided into street fashion, vintage, evening dresses. In each version, you can find world famous brands, for example, Valentino, Calvin Klein, Zara. But this is not an ordinary boutique, but a smart consumer store.

Last year we managed to collect 900 thousand uah. This year - 380 thousand uah, for this money, an operating lamp was purchased for children's neurosurgery.

Anna Podoprigora
odessajournal 2
odessajournal 3

In "DobroButik" above the cashier there is a table with a report on how much money was collected here and how many children they helped.

Another assortment has also been added-items made from recycled plastic. Volunteers are also trying to give new life to some things: they paint old T-shirts, sew shoppers and bags from old jeans, and hold master classes for everyone who would like to learn how to consume wisely.

odessajournal 4
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We are grateful to everyone who left their clothes in a container or brought them to "DobroButik", who made stories and posts, told friends and colleagues about our project. Together we were able to achieve this result. Let's not stop and make the world more kind and clean.

Anna Podoprigora

This summer 2020 "DobroButik" worked at the Green Theater, and now they moved to Impact Hub Odessa building. Address: Grecheskaya 1A

"DobroButik" is waiting for you from 12:00 to 20:00 from Monday to Friday.

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