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Main Diplomacy — European Sailing Championship in the Black Sea Yacht Club of Odessa in autumn


European Sailing Championship in the Black Sea Yacht Club of Odessa in autumn

19 Mar, 2021
European Sailing Championship in the Black Sea Yacht Club of Odessa in autumn

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This year the Championship of Ukraine, the Cup of the Commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine, and also - in October - the European Sailing Championship will be held here. Ukraine has never hosted such important international competitions.

Due to these important sport events, the hydrotechnical structures, alienated from the State-owned enterprise "Black Sea Yacht Club" in preparation for its privatisation, were returned. This decision was made by a commission under the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine at the request of the State Property Fund (SPFU).

The Fund has developed a strategy for preserving the enterprise, which is an important object of the country's sports infrastructure, the main profile of its activities and attracting the necessary investments in its development through the mechanism of transferring the asset to a long-term lease. To make the yacht club interesting for potential tenants, the State Property Fund achieved the return of all the berths and breakwaters of the State company.

State Property Fund of Ukraine

In this regard, all the hydraulic structures that were on his balance sheet were transferred to the Administration of the Seaports of Ukraine (USPA), because according to the law, they cannot be privately owned.

It is worth reminding the decision by the Government to privatise the Black Sea Yacht Club, located in Odessa Otrada, made in 2019. The privatisation tender was supposed to take place on January 3, 2020, but the SPFU canceled it "in order to take into account the interests of a wider range of potential buyers to ensure effective sales and attract investment."

The forthcoming sale of the club caused a public outcry, which became a powerful argument in favour of postponing the auction. In April of the same year, the SPFU canceled the decision on privatization:

The Fund has analysed the potential risks from a possible privatisation of the enterprise. After the five-year post-privatisation period expires, the new owner will be able to develop the coastal area and change the profile of the yacht club. Therefore, in order to prevent the emergence of such risks in the future, the Fund plans to exclude the State Enterprise "Chernomorsky Yacht Club" from the list of objects for privatisation and transfer it to a long-term lease in the near future … At the same time, the future lessee of the yacht club will have the opportunity to invest in its development, but he will not be able to buy it out in the future due to inalienable improvements.

State Property Fund of Ukraine

All this time, the yacht club continued to work, but was forced to pay USPA over UAH 30 thousand monthly for hydraulic structures that until recently belonged to it. The club cannot function without them. Since the beginning of 2021, the rental price has increased more than four times: up to UAH 120 thousand.

The Yacht Club in Otrada was founded in 1875 - the first on the Black Sea. The idea arose a year earlier, under the impression of Odessa residents from the activities of the river yacht club in St. Petersburg. Today it is the only place in Ukraine where it is possible to train the national and Olympic sailing teams in the open sea.

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In the base of the Odessa yacht club, there are two children's and youth sailing sports schools, in which more than 150 children are engaged. In addition, more than a hundred professional yachtsmen train here.

Source: Dumskaya.net

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The Odessa Journal

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