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Main Business In 2022, Ukraine exported almost 100 million tons of goods


In 2022, Ukraine exported almost 100 million tons of goods

In 2022, Ukraine exported almost 100 million tons of goods

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The volume of Ukrainian exports almost reached 100 million tons, according to operational data of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine.

This is the first year when the physical volumes of exports are so important - due to the war and the blockade of ports, logistics came to the fore in trade. Yes, the value of exports in 2022 is 35% lower than in 2021. And physical volumes decreased by 38.4%. But the results, as for wartime conditions, are positive.

"Ukrainian business exported goods worth 44.1 billion US dollars and weighing 99.8 million tons (16.3 million tons - through the grain corridor). In the conditions of war, this is a feat," Yuliya Svyridenko, the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of Ukraine emphasized.

According to her, so far, all the numbers are operational statistics. The updated data will be published on February 15. At the same time, information on international trade in services is expected.

According to preliminary data, the leader in money (and volume) is corn. The export of this product group amounted to 24.99 million tons, worth 5.94 billion dollars. Although by 1%, it is more than in 2021. Which, against the background of all indicators, is a sensation.

Sunflower oil ranks second in terms of export value: 5.46 billion dollars. The reduction compared to 2021 in terms of money -14.4%, and in volumes -16.3% (4.29 million tons). At the same time, it should be taken into account that sunflower seeds made it into the TOP-10. Ukraine exported 2.7 million tons of this product, worth 1.255 billion dollars. This is 33 (thirty-three) times more than last year.

"This is the volume that the oil extraction plants could not process. I hope that in 2023 we will have a reverse flow when the export of seeds decrease, and the export of oil will increase proportionally," says Deputy Minister of Economy - Trade Representative of Ukraine Taras Kachka.

Although iron ore remained at the top with the export of 23.9 million tons worth 2.9 billion dollars, at the same time, we have -45.9% in volume and -57.8% in value. The reason is that seaports for ore and other industrial goods are still closed, and prices and demand are falling due to fears of a recession.

Ukraine exported 11.2 million tons of wheat in the past calendar year. The cost is 2.6 billion dollars. Only in September we reached an export volume of more than 1 million tons. That is why we have decreased compared to last year by 44.1% in volume and 44.7% in the money.

3.12 million tons of rapeseed brought Ukraine $1.54 billion in revenue. In terms of volume, it is 17% more, but in terms of money -8.6%.

One of the traditional leaders of industrial exports – insulated wires – earned $1.32 billion. This is 16.4% less than in 2021, associated with a 13.6% decrease in export volume (65.9 thousand tons).

Next in the ranking - semi-finished steel and hot-rolled products - highlight the entire tragedy of Ukrainian metallurgy. Fall in volumes for the year -72%. The total export volume of semi-finished products is 1.9 million tons worth 1.1 billion, and hot-rolled products 1.3 million tons worth 1 billion dollars. But it is even brighter to compare January and December. In January, 404 thousand tons, and in December - 31 thousand tons.

Soy became a rare case of substantial growth despite the war. The physical volume of its exports increased by 81.6% and amounted to 1.99 million tons. Cost: $862 million, which is 42% more than last year.

Ukraine exported 10% less poultry meat - 413 thousand tons, bringing 19% more revenue - 852 million dollars.

Geographically, 63% of domestic exports went to the EU ($27.9 billion). Among EU member states, the most significant exports were directed to Poland ($6.6 billion), Romania ($3.8 billion), Hungary ($2.27 billion), Germany ($2.23 billion), Italy (1 .5 billion dollars) and Spain (1.5 billion dollars).

Outside the EU, the largest export market was Turkey ($2.9 billion), ahead of China ($2.46 billion). But at the same time, exports to Turkey decreased by 29% within the year and to China by a staggering 69%.

Import volume decreased by almost half (-48.1%), but in value only by 19.6%. In 2021, 35 million tons of products worth $58 billion were imported. (This figure can still be significantly adjusted).

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