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Main Culture — Odessa Classics in Vilnus


Odessa Classics in Vilnus

03 Oct, 2022
Odessa Classics in Vilnus

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On October 14, the final concert of the VIII International Music Festival Odessa Classics 2022 will be held at the National Lithuanian Philharmonic in Vilnius.

Photo: from Alexey Botvinov's concert in Sydney, which took place on September 18 at The Independent Theatre.


LITHUANIAN NATIONAL SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA (artistic director and principal conductor Modestas PitrÄ—nas)

NICO New Ideas Chamber Orchestra (artistic director and conductor Gediminas Gelgotas)

Soloists: ALEXEY BOTVINOV (piano, Ukraine), OLEKSANDRA FEDOSOVA (violin; Ukraine, Switzerland)


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PHILIP GLASS â€“ Tirol Concerto for piano and orchestra No. 1, 2nd mvt.
JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH – Prelude in B minor, BWV 855a (Charles Coleman’s version for orchestra)
GEDIMINAS GELGOTAS – Violin Concerto No. 1; Never Ignore the Cosmic OceanPraisedance; Mountains. Waters. Freedom 

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“Odessa Classics” is Ukraine’s largest international classical music festival and has already been listed in European festival guides and catalogues as one of the world’s most respected classical forums. The New Ideas Chamber Orchestra (NICO) made its first appearance there in 2020, and in September 2021, the festival in Odessa featured a concert by the NICO and the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra (LNSO), with a programme prepared and conducted by Gediminas Gelgotas.

Due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the ongoing war, “Odessa Classics” concerts were held in Estonia in May and June, and on 14 October, the echoes of the festival will reach the stage of the Lithuanian National Philharmonic.

G. Gelgotas, the initiator of the concert, the NICO’s conductor and artistic director, says: “In the world of classical music, the “Odessa Classics” festival has become a symbol of Ukraine’s resistance to Russian aggression. Leading European concert organisations and renowned musicians are inviting to hold the festival, led by pianist Alexey Botvinov, or its individual concerts in concert halls across Europe. This year NICO has already participated in the “Odessa Classics” event in Thessaloniki, Greece, I myself have performed with violinist J. Wawrowski at the Beethoven House in Bonn, Germany, and in April, a concert by Botvinov and NICO at the Teatro Antico di Taormina in Sicily raised over 100,000 euros in support of the Ukraine.”

The Odessa Journal

The Odessa Journal

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