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Main Culture "P-BRANE" by Elsa Quintin / Le dessin Observé


"P-BRANE" by Elsa Quintin / Le dessin Observé

"P-BRANE" by Elsa Quintin / Le dessin Observé

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"P-BRANE" is an art-project by Elsa Quintin / Le dessin Observé at Muzeon Experimental Centre. Exhibition is available till 15.11.

Le Dessin Observé is an artistic and an academic project exploring the figurative art practice as an observation method and as a kind of sport (exercises, repetition, daily practice, performance, choreography). Le Dessin Observé focuses on the symbolical interactionism between the person who draws and the drawing. For more than 15 years, this life-time project narrates the way some exercises can form and reform the body, and the imagination of the body.

P-BRANE is the name of one iconographical research developed by Le dessin Observé/ Elsa Quintin through a serie of paintings, installations and video performances.

In this project, the non-human presences (architecture, vegetal and mineral) are portrayed like some familiar protagonists, floating in some vertical and non-euclidean compositions.

This serie aims to present some compositions inspired by Tver’s Icons of 13th-16th centuries, emptied of sacred figures. Only remain some euphorically coloured zones, playing to be alternatively figure and background.

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P-BRANE is the contraction of the word «membrane», a thin piece of skin that covers or connects some parts of the body, or some parallel universes (string’s theory and representation of the universe).

Elsa Coppélia Quintin-Samokrutkin

Elsa Coppélia Quintin-Samokrutkin, born in France (1982):

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  • Drawer, painter, musician, performer/choreograph.
  • Develops a graphical / choreographical art practice and theoritical research as "Le Dessin Observé", through daily practice, performances, installations, exhibitions and specific projects. (2004-2020).
  • Musician, DJ, sound collagist, Composes and plays as “Knappy Kaisernappy” (DJ, collagist, remixer, radio host), “PI DOOM” (live act/ Non Music, Extratone/Flashcore).
  • Choreographer and dancer, “LE FABLIO ERRANT”, “LE DESSIN OBSERVE" 2020.
  • Art teacher/ Professeure Agrégée d'Arts Plastiques (2006-2019), Ministry of National Education (FR).
  • Author/Art teacher: Conception and redaction of pedagogical contents and lessons for the candidates to the contest of Agregation of Arts option A (expert-mid expert student), Centre National d'Enseignement à Distance/CNED-Ministry of National Education, FR). History of Art (ancient and contemporary), Aesthetic, Architecture/Landscape.
  • Art Teacher/Corrector/Formator of post-graduated students and candidates to the position of art teacher, Centre National d'Enseignement à Distance/CNED- Ministry of National Education, FR (2018/2020).
  • Author, chief editor, visual artist and choreograph/COPPELIA PRESS (2019/now).
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