“Razom for Ukraine”, in cooperation with the FEST company, developed an individual diet for extreme conditions – “Space food”

Lyuba Shypovych, vice-president of “Razom for Ukraine”, said that during the creation of such a food system for Ukrainian soldiers, the developers focused in particular on the experience of cosmonauts.

The energy value of a one-kilogram set reaches 3000 calories, which is quite enough for nutrition in extreme conditions.

The 100-gram zip bags contain ready-to-eat food that does not require additional cooking or tools, such as a kettle or generator.

“That is why it is not a standard army ration, which everyone knows today,” said Volodymyr Shapoval, head of the “Food Mission” project at the FEST company.

As a result, the developers will present five menu variations, which will include meat and vegetarian dishes, energy bars, mixes, and dry food.

According to Andrii Huda, co-owner of the FEST network, the developers aimed to create a product that could be stored for two years. Such food will be delivered to the military and civilians who cannot prepare food for themselves.

The cost of the “Space Food” set will not exceed $10. Also, every Ukrainian will be able to purchase such food at the Fest representative office freely, 10% of the cost of the product will go towards the purchase of such sets for the Ukrainian military.

“Everyone can join in supporting our defenders by buying, for example, 10 such sets for your friend, brother, or sibling. You always know that one such set will be transferred from you to the front line,” explained Evelina Kurilets, the executive director of the charitable foundation. “Together for Ukraine”.

Taras Repytskyi, head of the logistics department at Razom for Ukraine, one of the initiators of the development of food for the military, noted that the food would be delivered to any point in Ukraine. Military units can go to the razomforukraine.org page and request the delivery of such food kits for themselves.

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