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Main Diplomacy — Staying in Ukraine for foreigners


Staying in Ukraine for foreigners

25 Jun, 2021
Staying in Ukraine for foreigners

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Number of tourists visiting our country has increased. However, many are confused about who is allowed, according to what documents, plus what should be done in order not to run into a refusal. How long can foreigner stay in Ukraine?

For Russians

The entrance of Russian citizens has become more complicated: if women including children can still be allowed in, then men 18-60 years old will be turned back. Exist fifteen hundred such cases, plus  reasons for the ban are very diverse. Entry between countries is still visa-free, but a passport is required. Additionally, you may need a hotel reservation, an agreement on a tourist trip, and evidence of solvency. To increase chances, it is recommended to receive notarized invitation. This document should indicate information about every inviting party, its financial obligations as host, and purposes of their stay. However, presence of an invitation does not give a 100% guarantee. Sometimes refusal reasons are lack of money. What does it mean? Residents must present their financial wealth proof for each duration of their stay, namely: cash, bank cards, statements, or checks from an ATM; confirmation of booking or payment of accommodation, including meals.

To whom visa-free

How long US citizen can stay in Ukraine? Residents of the following countries may come without visas: European Union, USA, Canada, Latin America, South Korea, Japan, Israel, Turkey, Mongolia including Hong Kong. The only country whose residents may come with an internal passport is Turkey. Citizens of Belarus - a visa-free regime with their unique passport. The maximum visa-free period visit for citizens of CIS countries, the EU, Latin America plus Israel is 90 days. Turkey - 60 days. Hong Kong - 14 days. For residents of other countries not listed above, visas are required. odessajournal 0

E-visas: 52 countries

From January 1, 2019, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will carry out a centralized issuance with an expanded reasons list to enter our country: the invitation presence for newcomers - business, private, tourist; attending medical treatment or carrying out activities in fields of education, culture, science including sports, as well as representatives of foreign media to fulfill their official duties. E-visa is a different project. For its registration, it is enough to get some easy moves without moving your house: register on MFA web platform online, elect one form including the final stage - payment by credit card. The e-visa received by e-mail must be printed and presented along with a passport to border guards when entering Ukrainian territory. Processing period - up to 9 working days, cost - $ 85. Each visa is a single entrance and is true for up to 30 days. E-visa Advantages: firstly, papers may be submitted at any suitable point remotely without visiting a consulate. Secondly, you can track all stages of filing online with ongoing maintenance for claimants.

Types of visas card, long-term and visa upon arrival

The card makes a certain time period, depending on the visa efficacy. How long can I live in Ukraine? Depending on trip reasons, the visa can be:

  1. double - allows you to visit twice during the legality visa duration;
  2. multiple - allows a newcomer to come many times and stay in Schengen area for no more than 90 days in six months;
  3. long-term is issued to foreigners for permission to study, work or live in Ukraine permanently. It also has two categories: single approach plus multiple entries.

Visa upon arrival - assigned to a foreigner for a tourist and business stay in Ukraine. Its validity period is 15 days without the opportunity of renewal.

The Odessa Journal

The Odessa Journal

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