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Roman Svitan: Russia can stockpile missiles

According to Svitan, the occupiers can assemble about 300 cruise missiles and about 2,000 other types of missiles by autumn. .....


Roman Svitan: What is happening now in the information field is called the “fog of war”

Military expert, military instructor pilot, and reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Roman Svitan in an interview with .....


Roman Svitan: The occupiers are preparing for a dead-end defense

Military instructor pilot, colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in reserve, military expert Roman Svitan believes that there will .....


Roman Svitan: Does the situation in Moldova threaten Ukraine?

Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in reserve, military instructor pilot Roman Svitan, in an interview with Unian, spoke .....


Roman Svitan: In the Bakhmut area, we have recently destroyed the most significant number of Russians

Long attention is riveted to Bakhmut. It is already periodically beginning to sound in the media that the Armed Forces .....


Roman Svitan: Who launches the UAV over the Russian Federation

The situation is escalating in the Russian Federation itself and in Belarus. Recently, drones have begun to fly more and .....


Roman Svitan: The Kremlin is already preparing Russians for defeat in Ukraine

In the Russian media space, they are increasingly talking about the threat of the collapse of Russia. Military expert and .....


Roman Svitan: If it is possible to launch a large-scale attack on Ukraine, then only from the fourth dimension

The Ministry of Reintegration has taken up personnel selection for government positions, including in the liberated Crimea. What does it .....

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