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Main War — The first day of retribution. Israel


The first day of retribution. Israel

08 Oct, 2023
The first day of retribution. Israel

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Israel is clearing attacked areas, liberating dozens of hostages, demolishing terrorists' houses, and preparing for a ground operation in Gaza.

As of 10 AM on Sunday, 350 people have died, 1864 have been wounded as a result of an unprecedented attack by Hamas. 750 people are listed as missing. At least a hundred hostages are known to have been taken to Gaza by terrorists.

The Israeli army has cleared most of the populated areas along the border with the Gaza Strip of militants, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced. He talked about preparations for an offensive operation that will continue "until all Hamas capabilities are completely destroyed." Residents of 7 districts in the Gaza Strip (where more than half a million people live) are recommended to leave their homes as a counter-terrorism operation will be conducted in those areas.

Israeli media reports the killing of one of the Hamas leaders - the body of Ayman Yunis was found under the rubble of his house, which was targeted by the Israeli Air Force. Multi-story buildings in Gaza that were used by terrorist leaders have been bombed.

Israeli forces have entered all the areas captured by militants in Israel, conducting clearance operations to eliminate hidden fighters and free hostages. Haaretz reports that fighting is ongoing in seven locations, and the military has managed to free at least 50 hostages. Authorities have decided to evacuate all residents of the areas bordering Gaza within 24 hours - some will be relocated to Eilat, where Hamas rockets do not reach.

In the battle against militants, Colonel Jonathan Steinberg of the IDF was killed - the Israeli army had not lost high-ranking officers for a long time. The chief of police in the city of Rahat was also killed. Reports from Arab media about the capture of two generals as prisoners turned out to be fake.

Disturbing footage of what has been happening in the captured territories is appearing on social media. Along the road to the settlement of Re'im, where a music festival was taking place, dozens of shot and burnt cars are seen. Many participants of the festival (attended by hundreds of young people) are listed as missing. Palestinian channels are posting videos of Israelis taken hostage, including many women and children.

Many cities in Europe and the United States are witnessing solidarity rallies with Israel. In Muslim-majority countries, there are protests in support of Hamas.

An Egyptian police officer shot and killed two Israeli tourists in Egypt.

The first attempt at peace talks between Israel and the Gaza Strip may take place today, under the auspices of the United States. The Russian Foreign Ministry has been sidelined in the negotiation process by both sides of the conflict. A representative from the U.S. State Department has arrived in Cairo. Later in the evening, negotiating teams from Israel and Palestine will meet in Cairo.

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The Odessa Journal

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