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Main Business — The new Ukrainian-Polish hub plans to attract EUR 900 million in real estate investments to the Ukrainian market


The new Ukrainian-Polish hub plans to attract EUR 900 million in real estate investments to the Ukrainian market

11 Oct, 2023
The new Ukrainian-Polish hub plans to attract EUR 900 million in real estate investments to the Ukrainian market

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The Ukrainian-Polish initiative, PURE Hub, has started working on the restoration of Ukraine, promoting investment in the Ukrainian construction market, and supporting Ukrainian investors in Poland. PURE Hub's co-founders are Ukrainian Sergey Stolyarchuk and the Polish couple Ivona and Daniel Pukhalski, reports Interfax.

The hub collaborates with investors from all over Europe, as well as Ukrainian and Polish development and construction companies. The total portfolio of Polish projects being developed by the hub's participants is worth EUR 500 million, and the portfolio of projects by Ukrainian development companies comprises approximately 1 million square meters with a total value of EUR 900 million.

Despite the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, investment activity is increasing in sectors such as agriculture, food production, IT, logistics, and building materials manufacturing. Companies like Philip Morris, Carlsberg, and others are investing in western regions of Ukraine. The Irish building materials manufacturer Kingspan is planning to invest up to $280 million in new plant construction. Additionally, the Polish ceramic tile producer Cersanit continues construction on its plant in Ukraine.

Recently, the German government decided to provide guarantees for investments in Ukraine. Following this, the German pharmaceutical and agribusiness giant Bayer announced plans to invest EUR 60 million in Ukraine. These guarantees can be applied even in cases of property destruction due to rocket attacks or other wartime actions on German production facilities in Ukraine.

The reconstruction of infrastructure, housing demand, transportation, and logistics capabilities will contribute to a second wave of investments, which is expected to happen in the near future. Those who take relevant actions now will be ahead of those waiting for the war to end, according to Daniel Pukhalski, co-founder of PURE Hub.

PURE Hub focuses on providing professional advice, assisting in aligning the specific needs of participants with business and government representatives from both countries, facilitating deals, offering legal guidance, searching for capital, establishing joint ventures, and organizing social projects in the real estate sector.

"We are currently working on launching a project for the production of quick-assembly prefabricated structures. The production capacity of one factory will allow us to deliver up to 1,900 units of social housing per year," said Sergey Stolyarchuk, co-founder of PURE Hub.

He further clarified that they are currently addressing issues related to the construction insurance of the factory, which will determine the number of factories and their locations.

"We are currently considering construction options both in Ukraine and in Poland. The investment amount for one factory is $60 million. Our goal is to promote and jointly organize projects that contribute to the development of a modern, economically new Ukraine and its cooperation with Poland. Ukraine needs investments to create new jobs and build new, safe infrastructure, but even more, it needs strong business competencies to accelerate integration with EU countries and the democratic world," he added.

Daniel Pukhalski, who manages PURE Hub's activities in Poland, is also the managing partner of the real estate consulting company Immo Lab. Over the last 20 years, he has been involved in commercial real estate transactions worth $4 billion.

Sergey Stolyarchuk, with over 15 years of experience in launching international projects in retail, logistics, and real estate in Ukraine, is also the CEO and co-founder of Maxify, a SaaS platform for residential real estate developers with assets worth over EUR 600 million in the portfolio.

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The Odessa Journal

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