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Main War — The SBU detained the Russian military who tried to seize the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant


The SBU detained the Russian military who tried to seize the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant

29 Apr, 2022
The SBU detained the Russian military who tried to seize the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant

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According to the Security Service, two people have been suspected of treason, appointed by the Russian troops as the so-called "heads" of the Kherson regional and city administrations in the temporarily occupied Kherson.

In the Dnipropetrovsk region:

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) detained an accomplice of the leaders of the so-called DPR, who was responsible for the media promotion and information support of terrorist activities.

She joined the ranks of illegal armed groups in 2016. There she promoted militant groups and prepared "staging" stories for Kremlin propagandists. Including the arrival of so-called "humanitarian convoys" from Russia.

However, after the liquidation of the former terrorist leader Zakharchenko, his aide left the ranks of the militants and hid for a long time.

In the Mykolayiv region:

SBU officers detained three Russian servicemen in the Voznesensky district. Russians hid in abandoned buildings near the district center.

It was established that they were part of a hostile group that took part in attempts to seize the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant.

As part of the mortar shellings, the occupiers shelled the region, including places of compact residence of civilians.

Besides, SBU found near Mykolaiv the enemy shelter with anti-tank weaponry. The hideout was set up by members of the Russian sabotage groups, who planned to carry out sabotage in the regional center.

During the search of the hiding place, law enforcement officers seized the Cornet anti-tank missile system and Russian-made grenade launchers.

In the Lugansk region:

The head of the court in temporarily occupied Novoaydarsk was exposed for treason and aiding the aggressors.

The malefactor agreed to cooperate with the enemy for the promise of promotion in the so-called structure of the "judiciary of the Lugansk People's Republic".

At the direction of the occupiers, she campaigned among her subordinates for the recognition of the occupation administration and called for "justice" on behalf of the pseudo-state.

The SBU also documented the transfer of confidential information to the enemy about the work of the Ukrainian judiciary and law enforcement agencies.

The traitor is currently on suspicion of committing crimes. Comprehensive measures are underway to detain her and prosecute her.

In the Kyiv region:

The names of many other occupiers who committed atrocities in the temporarily occupied territories of the capital region have been identified.

Among others, we are talking about servicemen of the 15th Brigade of the Central Military District of Russia. During their stay in the village of Bohdanivka, Brovary district, they abducted, abused, and tortured Ukrainians.

Now the SBU has evidence of their atrocities and specific names, surnames, titles, and positions of the occupiers responsible for it. All this will bring the perpetrators to justice.

In addition, in the Kyiv region, the SBU exposed another collaborator. He turned out to be a resident of the village of Demydiv, Vyshhorod district.

During the temporary occupation of the settlement, he helped "quarter" the invaders and set up enemy sniper points and artillery on the territory of the residential area.

The collaborator also targeted the enemy against Ukrainian warehouses and hidden arsenals of weapons and ammunition.

Officers of the Ukrainian special services established the location and detained the malefactor. It has removed:

  • Kalashnikov rifle,
  • sniper rifle,
  • grenade F-1,
  • Makarov pistol and ammunition for small arms.

According to all the revealed facts, comprehensive measures are underway to establish and bring to justice all participants in criminal activities against Ukraine.

The Odessa Journal

The Odessa Journal

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