“1+1” and Alan Badoev presented the trailer of the film “Long Day” at the Italian film market

Director and producer Alan Badoyev and the TV channel “1+1” continue work on the documentary “Long Day”, which in an artistic form, interprets the events of the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Recently, the project was presented at the Italian film and TV market MIA (Mercato Internazionale Audiovisivo), which unites all segments of the world audiovisual industry. Director Alan Badoev and head of international distribution of “1+1 media” Inna Filippova told representatives of the European TV and film industry about the project.

“At this very moment in my country, thousands of Ukrainians are risking their lives by filming this documentary, where every second of their lives becomes history. Our team has processed 3500 unique stories; these stories are intimate memories of survival during the war, filmed on regular phones. They are all about fighting, tears, bravery, praying,” said Alan Badoev.

“Long Day” is a story about the life, dreams and plans of Ukrainians, the last day of our peaceful life and the beginning of a new stage, which began on February 24 to the sound of bombs and sirens. This is a chronicle of the first days of the war and the recreation of events through personal stories. The people are writing the script for the upcoming film of Ukraine themselves, and you can join it.

The project team brought the phones of the film’s heroes, on which they filmed what they had to experience. In some places, Ukrainians took these gadgets out of the occupied territories to preserve and show the world the evidence of Russian crimes.

“7 months ago, those phones were full of lovely moments: weddings, children’s laughter, picnics and Tik-Tok. Today they are full of terrifying images: rockets hitting, dead neighbors and crying kids.
Sometimes I feel that this is the biggest and the bloodiest show, everybody is talking about. But this isn’t a show. I would like everyone to pay attention to people, facing the bombing in their houses, schools, hospitals, on the streets, everywhere, rather than onlydays and dates. In this film I speak for those who go on fighting for our freedom and future,”
commented the director.

Inna Filippova, head of international distribution of “1+1 media”, told the participants of MIA market what the uniqueness of the project is.

“This story is about co-production with the whole nation, with all Ukrainians during the war. When we thought about how to recreate as accurately as possible what we experienced on the first day of a full-scale invasion, how to write this story so that we remember and you know and understand what was really happening in our country, we decided that it was best to this story was told and shown by the people who experienced it. So Ukrainians create this film themselves – their own diary.”