20 agricultural enterprises became participants in the grant program UAH 75.2 million for creating gardens worth

As of August 26, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine has already signed 20 orders on granting grants for the creation or development of horticulture, berry growing and viticulture. We will remind you that the project is implemented within the framework of the government program “eRobota”.

In the world ranking, Ukraine occupies a high position in horticulture. For example, in terms of the area of ​​perennial plantations, it is the 35th step, and its share in agricultural land is the 145th position.

Currently, 20 agricultural enterprises from 10 regions (Lviv region, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Odessa region, Kyiv region, Bukovyna, Cherkasy region, Rivne region, Volhynia and Zakarpattia, Khmelnytsky) will grow orchards with an area of ​​1.34 to 25 hectares in their regions. Farmers’ grant amounts range from UAH 360,000 to UAH 10 million per recipient. The total area of ​​plantations is 257.44 hectares. The total grant amount is 75 million 208 thousand UAH.

In total, the Oschad bank received information on 115 applications, of which 80 were positive.

In total, the Oschad Bank provided:

  • for greenhouses, 16 positive and 13 negative responses;
  • 64 positive and 20 negative by gardens.

12 enterprises have already signed the grant agreement and opened accounts at the bank branch.

In June, the Government launched financial support for business as part of the “eRobota” government program. Entrepreneurs can receive government grants for training, creation, and development of their own businesses.

The Ministry of Agrarian Policy oversees two of them, which relate to the development of horticulture, berry growing and viticulture, and greenhouse farming.

The Ministry of Agrarian Policy processes each application within 10 working days after receipt from the Oschad Bank.

According to the terms of each of the programs, the participant undertakes to conduct activities for at least 5 years, pay taxes to the budget, and also create a certain number of jobs.

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