2021 yearly results of Yuzhny Port (Odessa region), the biggest Ukrainian port

According to the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA), January-December 2021 port operators of Yuzhny (Pivdenny) port processed 53 million 470 thousand tonnes of cargo, which is 34.9% of the cargo circulation of all sea ports of Ukraine.

According to the information of the Chief Dispatch of the Maritime Port Administration, the cargo run of export trucks in the port was 42 million 520 thousand. Tons of imported – 6 million 289 thousand. A ton of cabotage – 101.5 thousand. a ton. Transit trucks overloaded 4 million 559 thousand a ton.

During the reporting period, 45 million 250 thousand tons of bulk cargo, 4 million 749 thousand tons of bulk cargo and 3 million 471 thousand tons of general cargo were processed.

The leading categories of the year 2021:

  • ore – 29 million 144 thousand. a ton;
  • Grain – 9 million 701 thousand. a ton;
  • containers – 3 million 090 thousand. a ton.

The number of ships processed by port operators in the Yuzhny seaport aquarium consisted of 1001 shipwrecks, including 121, two-veights of more than 150 thousand. a ton. Recycling containers in the port for the reporting period was 3 million 090 thousand. T.N. (238,608 YOU.)

About the Port management

Yuzhny Port is managed by TIS Group of Terminals — Ukraine’s largest dry cargo port. Located on the shore of the Small Ajalyk Firth, 27 kilometers East of Odessa, we are ideally situated in relation to the industrial part of Ukraine.

TIS terminals are the access to international markets for the production and consumption of grain, fertilizer, coal, ore, and consumer goods for the hundreds of millions of people. More than 700 ship calls a year links TIS with more than 1,500 ports around the world. Our freight turnover in 2014 amounted to 25,9 million tons.

Having berths with the depths from 15 to 16 meters, TIS is one of the deepest ports of Ukraine, which provides the maximum of product lots and minimum freight costs. The total length of 8 berths is over 1,800 m and this value can be increased by another 1,500 meters.

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