24 missiles: enemy ships are ready to strike from the Black Sea

Due to the storm, the ship grouping of the enemy fleet again changed its composition: from now on, three missile ships with 24 missiles on board are ready for missile strikes.

This is reported by the operational command “South”.

The current operational situation in the south of Ukraine also became known.

  • The situation in the area of ​​responsibility is tense but controlled.
  • The enemy continues to conduct defensive operations and also uses missile and air strikes.
  • A small rocket ship from the area of ​​Cape Fiolent launched 3 Kalibr missiles that hit Vinnytsia.
  • With helicopter pairs, the enemy attacked in the morning and at noon in the north of the Kherson region, trying to hit our positions, but had no success, was forced to evade fire and retreat.
  • The enemy Su-35 fighter three times tried to attack our attack aircraft in the sky over Novaya Kakhovka with air-to-air missiles. There are no losses to our aviation.

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