3 companies ready for port concession in Odessa, Izmail and Berdyansk

The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine has 3 concession projects on seaports in operation, started thanks to private applicants. It was revealed by the former Minister Vladislav Krikliy.

Georgia Invest Group has expressed an interest for the concession of the Izmail seaport, which intends to combine in one business sea coastal ports and river transportation.

In the seaport of Berdyansk the initiative was taken by the company Asket Shipping.

In Odessa, TIS Group of Terminals initiated the concession for the passenger terminal of the port of Odessa.

In Odessa, this is not a cargo port, this is a passenger terminal. They are being considered by the TIS group in collaboration with someone. They want to return yachts, liners and tourists there. And there is also a hotel. Do not forget that we already have a legal gambling business. The marina is a great place for a tourist attraction.

Vladislav Krikliy

Moreover, Ukrferry intends to apply for the concession of the ferry complex of the SE MTP Chernomorsk. For the Ukrainian leader of ferry transports the port of Chernomorsk is the ideal base among all ports in Ukraine.

It worth reminding that the Ukrainian Sea Ports Administration (USPA) announced the plan to transfer to the concession some berths and infrastructure in the ports. The head of the supervisory board of the USPA said that the SE will pay more attention to dredging, service functions.