3D tour of the drama theater in Mariupol: a project has been launched that will help restore the city’s sights

The Skeiron company launched a major project about Mariupol called Save Mariupol Heritage.

The idea of ​​the project is to preserve the cultural heritage of Ukraine (and the city in particular) from the destructive effects of war and time with the help of their reproduction in 3D models, which will help during restoration in the future.

Skeiron’s #SaveUkrainianHeritage project aims to 3D scan cultural monuments throughout Ukraine using laser scanning and photogrammetry technologies, with a focus on preserving Ukraine’s cultural heritage from the destructive influence of time and war.

To do this, two months ago, they started collecting photos and videos of the drama theater and other buildings of Mariupol: they launched a crowdfunding campaign, and also concluded an agreement with Spatialtech.info, which specializes in detailed research on the shelling of cultural monuments.

Now you can already see a 3D point cloud of the central part of the city and a 3D tour of the Mariupol Drama Theater. For this, the team used exterior photos from Cube online and interior photos by Olga Demidko. You can view the tour, as well as donate to the project via the link.

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