600th anniversary to the first written mention of the city.

Odessa created a medal to the 600th anniversary of the first written mention of the city

Odessa celebrated 605 years since the first written mention of the city, which was the predecessor of Odessa – Kochubeyev. A commemorative bronze medal dedicated to the city’s 600th anniversary was presented specially for this date.

So far only 6 pieces have been cast, almost half a kilogram each. They plan to give these medals to the honored guests of Odessa, and one will left in the Local Lore Museum.

The medal is 15 centimeters in diameter. On one side is an ancient city, a seagull, a medieval ship, and on the other side of the coin is the Polish king Wladyslaw II Jagiello, numbers 600 and dates “1415-2015”.

Historians discovered that even before the capture of the Turkish fort of Hadzhibey by the detachment of De Ribas in 1789, a port with a long history was located on the site of Odessa. An historical chronicle of Jan Dlugosch, at the beginning of the 15th century, says that in 1415 the Lithuanian king Jagiello negotiated for this place in the border Snyatyn, to help the inhabitants of Constantinople, which at that time were suffering from the siege of the Ottoman Turks. Jagiello decided to help the city of three religions by sending ships with grain from the port of Kochubeev.

The medal was created by the artist Alexander Koval, who has been involved in the project for the last 5 years.

Alexander Koval

Source and photo: 7kanal