700 swans settled on the Tuzlov Estuary National Park (Odessa region)

For about two months, 700 mute swans live in the Tuzlov Estuary National Park. It was announced by the deputy director of the park, Ivan Rusev.

Only at the cordon “Tuzlovskaya Amazonia” you can observe almost 500 swans, which are diffusely settled in the water area of ​​the Shagani estuary, where there are algae and bloodworms for food. Almost all swans are adults, but they will no longer breed this year, with the exception of a few pairs at the mouth of the Khadzhider River, on the Dzhanteyskiy Estuary and on the Maly Sasyk Estuary.

Ivan Rusev, deputy director of Tuzlov Estuary National Park

According to Ivan Rusev, swans rest on the sandy spits of estuaries. They are not shy and allow tourists to come close to them.