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Main Business — 750,000 euros for business support: results of the grant competition from EU4Business


750,000 euros for business support: results of the grant competition from EU4Business

07 Jan, 2024
750,000 euros for business support: results of the grant competition from EU4Business

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Through the EU4Business program, 30 Ukrainian companies will receive grants, each up to 25,000 euros, for the development of their products and services with an innovative component and/or export orientation.

The winners of the grant competition are:

KMC Hydraulics LLC - Manufacturing hydraulic cylinders for various industries, hydraulic systems, and components (Location: Lviv).

Explodeh LLC - Utilizing genetic engineering methods to create producers of new antibiotics and agrochemicals (Location: Lviv).

Ammolit Plus LLC - Full-cycle production of products from polymers and metals (Location: Kharkiv).

Ekta-Prom LLC - Development and production of LED screens, control systems, and visual business solutions using LED technologies (Location: Zhytomyr).

Thermion-Plus LLC - Processing safe mixed plastic waste into alternative energy sources using innovative pyrolysis technology (Location: Malyn, Zhytomyr region).

Freundt LLC - Distribution of innovative digital equipment for agricultural machinery, enabling precision farming projects (Location: Vinnytsia).

RalkoTekhnik LLC - Providing a full range of services for refrigeration supply: design, supply, installation, and service of equipment (Location: Mykolaiv).

BELTIMPORT LLC - Distribution and production of drive and conveyor elements (Location: Kyiv).

Sumy Kamvol LLC - Production of comb tapes (tops) - a semi-finished product for yarn production, non-woven materials from natural and synthetic fibers for textile and construction purposes (Location: Sumy).

Syntez LLC - Production of goods for women's health and prevention of premature births (Location: Ladihyn, Vinnytsia region).

Replast LLC - Manufacturing plastic products by pressure casting, extrusion, and 3D printing (Location: Pustomyty, Lviv region).

Rekah Ukraine LLC - A leading supplier in the market of equipment, technologies, and consumables in the field of diagnostics and operational treatment in Ukraine (Location: Kyiv).

MicroL LLC - Design, manufacturing, and sale of various types of devices and equipment for automation of technological processes in industry (Location: Khrystyn, Ivano-Frankivsk region).

Majtek Plus LLC - Production of electronic devices (controllers, sensors, readers, etc.) and software for energy-saving systems (Location: Vinnytsia).

Manezh-Dekor LLC - Production of sun protection systems that contribute to increased energy efficiency of premises and save electricity (Location: Cherkasy).

Medical Center "Plusmed" LLC - Reproductive medicine with modern equipment (Location: Uzhhorod, Zakarpattia region).

Lemberg Battery LLC - Recycling of old car batteries with subsequent production of branded lead and new batteries (Location: Novyi Yarychiv, Lviv region).

Scientific Medical Genetic Center "LeoGEN" LLC - Conducting unique molecular-genetic and cytogenetic studies (Location: Lviv).

Framiore LLC - Development and creation of items for the protection of military personnel based on sustainability and conscious production principles (Location: Ivano-Frankivsk).

Ecoservice Group LLC - Ensuring the removal of household waste from Kyiv and manufacturing metal containers for transporting household waste (Location: Horenka, Kyiv region).

SEM Technology LLC - Engineering and manufacturing company with proven experience in solutions for production lines of eco-packaging (Location: Sambir, Lviv region).

Prana Platinum LLC - Development and production of modern ventilation systems (Location: Lviv).

Alliance Stick LLC - Production of lipstick-like food products and packaging in portioned packaging - sticks (Location: Stare Selo, Kyiv region).

Mikomed LLC - Provision of medical services in the field of modern X-ray diagnostics (Location: Rivne).

Heppy Nation LLC - A new format family medicine clinic "near the house," with branches located in residential areas of densely populated cities (Location: Kyiv).

Industrial-Project Association "FIX" LLC - Production of street furniture, street lighting, and other elements of landscaping (Location: Lviv).

Professor S. Khmil Clinic in Ternopil LLC - Multifunctional medical center - reproductive medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, pregnancy management, ultrasound diagnostics (Location: Ternopil).

Zero Trans Plus LLC - Transportation services, including fuel materials (Location: Kyiv).

TikPak LLC - Packaging of bulk food products and development of packaging for other brands (Location: Ostrov, Ternopil region).

Gunya Project LLC - Production of ceramics, products from dense glass, carpets, decorations, accessories, and clothing elements (Location: Kyiv).

The winning companies are geographically located in 12 regions of Ukraine, with women serving as founders or leaders in 27% of the companies.

Grant recipients are required to utilize the grant funds by March 31, 2024, and promptly report on the successful execution of their grant projects.

The grant wave took place within the framework of the international cooperation program "EU4Business: Recovery, Competitiveness, and Internationalization of SMEs," co-financed by the European Union and the Government of Germany, and implemented by the German federal company Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. Information partners include the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, the Office for the Development of Entrepreneurship and Export, and the national project Diia.Business. The initiative's execution partner is the Ukrainian Startup Fund.

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