A collection of Easter decorations from different regions of Ukraine by the Hey Guide team

The Kyiv curated guide Hey Guide from the communication agency Public Kitchen released a selection of Easter decorations from different regions of Ukraine.

The “First Collection of Easter Decorations” included baskets of various sizes from the village of Iza, the Transcarpathian wicker weaving center, sets of stickers for decorating Easter eggs, honey candles, and straw figures of larks.

A separate section presents textiles made from ancient home-spun fabric: tablecloths, napkins and runners. “The team spent several months collecting this fabric all over the country, and then restored it to good condition,” Hey Guide says.

The team explains that all items from the collection are united by a star-rose – a symbol of the folding and unfolding of the universe, which is given with a wish for love and happiness.

You can buy decor from the Hey Guide collection by this link.

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