A court in Russia has ordered the dissolution of a municipal council that called for the impeachment of Putin

The initiator of the appeal was fined 47 thousand rubles.

The Smolninsk District Court of St. Petersburg satisfied the request of the prosecutor’s office regarding the possibility of dissolving the Smolninsk Municipal Council, whose deputies had previously proposed removing Russian President Vladimir Putin from office. Meduza reports this with reference to MP Nikita Yuferev.

The Prosecutor’s Office of St. Petersburg appealed to the court with a demand to dissolve the Council of Deputies as early as 2021 — on the pretext that the Council had not met for more than three months. All this time, the lawsuit remained motionless, but as soon as the deputies turned to the State Duma with a proposal to announce the president’s impeachment, the case was moved.

According to the court’s decision, the governor of St. Petersburg can now dissolve the municipal council.

Nikita Yuferev noted that the deputies intend to appeal this decision.

The court also fined deputy Dmitriy Palyuga, the author of the initiative to remove Putin, 47,000 rubles for the administrative article on “discrediting the army”.

Shortly after the Smolensk council supported this initiative, seven St. Petersburg deputies were summoned to the police, where five of them were charged with “discrediting” the current government.

  • On September 8, the council of deputies of Moscow’s Lomonosov district appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin to resign.
  • On September 12, a petition of municipal deputies demanding the resignation of Russian President Vladimir Putin was published. As of September 13, the petition was signed by almost 60 municipal deputies from various cities of Russia.

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